Automotive YouTube channel B is for Build gained popularity through producing some of the platform's coolest builds. Notably, the host, Chris, and his friends built an off-road Lamborghini Huracan. The following month after they completed this build they took it to the dirt track. This year they've stepped their engineering game up a little further and plan to electrify one of America's most iconic vehicles, the DeLorean. Instead of opting for an LS crate motor, Chris plans on future proofing this classic. The DeLorean famously promised lots and disappointed the market. Surprising as John DeLorean's General Motors models sold well. The manufacturer DMC sold the car for two years before filing for bankruptcy.

This well-maintained example is ready for a 700-horsepower motor.

Why EV Swap A DeLorean?

Simply you're asking the wrong question. 'Why not?' is surely more appropriate. John DeLorean's dream, as many often do, rapidly fell apart. Penned by the legendary Giorgetto Giuagaro of Italdesign, the vehicle embodies a vision of the future for motoring. The sleek stainless steel body and its partnering gullwing doors eventually received the label of iconic after co-starring in the Back to the Future films. The production car, on sale between 1981 and 1983 shipped with a 2.75-liter V6 unit. This sounds perfectly adequate for a sports car. However, this motor only outputs 130 horsepower. Woefully underpowered, perhaps the instant torque that an EV drivetrain delivers is the very thing this classic failure of a car needs.

According to B is for Build, in the area a few DeLoreans were on sale for around $35,000. However, as they departed for their road trip, one customer bought three of the five available. The last two asked for around $50,000 and $60,000. A lot more than the automotive YouTubers usually spend on a vehicle. But with so few cars out there, they had to buy this car.

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What Prep Does The DeLorean Need?

1982 DMC DeLorean interior
B is for Build via YouTube

At 41-years old, this classic requires a few small fixes. This dealership focus on well-maintained classics that are free of major mechanical flaws and rust. Thankful this makes B is for Build's life a little easier. The overall aesthetic remains intact with spotless front lips and intact front fascia that highlights the DMC lettering. One headlight bulb mismatches but the rear light clusters are perfect. The interior sees a few cracks in the vinyl. But the leather of the seats is in excellent condition and the carpeting fits tightly. The rubber door seals also are intact. The electrics for the windows seem to have failed. The YouTuber seems confident that he can deal with these problems on his own.

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Mechanically, this tale continues largely the same. B is for Build highlight that a small piece of insulation appears to hit the engine. There's also no belt around the AC condenser, so that won't work. However, these engine issues soon won't be of any concern to the host Chris. The YouTuber has never EV swapped a car before. He doesn't think that swapping the V6 motor out ruins the car.

Built-in Ireland and unlike anything else on the road, this is what makes the DeLorean cool. Chris plans to use an upcoming Chevy product that he describes as a tuner-friendly EV swap kit. According to Chevrolet, this will sell under the eCrate name and produce "up to 700 horsepower with zero tailpipe emissions". All of a sudden a 700-horsepower DeLorean sounds pretty impressive.

The DeLorean Lives! Iconic 80's Car Finally Making a Comeback
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