It might not be believable, but the Lamborghini Aventador is soon to bow out from Lamborghini’s lineup. It’s a sad occasion after many great iterations of the Aventador. But it gives us the opportunity to welcome an all-new Lamborghini supercar into the world.

Yet what is it going to look like? Well, we don’t know much other than from what we have seen in spy shots. However, digital car renderer TheSketchMonkey has used those spy photos to create a pretty good interpretation of what Lamborghini might be cooking up for us.

Taking What We Can From The Spy Shots

TheSketchMonkey takes a look at the spy shots of the car to take inspiration for the renders. Wrapped in camouflage, the body looks to be the production shape of whatever Lamborghini is cooking up underneath. And TheSketchMonkey thinks it will be very, very similar to the style set of the Sian, with the front-end in the spy photos resembling that of the front-end of the Sian.

This would certainly hint at some pretty extreme styling for the Aventador replacement. Based on those spy shots and what we see from other Lamborghini’s, TheSketchMonkey gets to work with his rendering.

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A Wonderful Looking Interpretation

Aventador Replacement Rendering Spy Shot Front Distance View
via TheSketchMonkey YouTube Channel

What TheSketchMonkey created is very impressive. He has retained the greenhouse like styling in the middle which he says reminds him of the Huracán, while at the front of the new Aventador he tidies up the fascia a bit using the Sian as a basis. He also believes there will be a hybrid element to this new Lamborghini, which will certainly aid power off the line.

Furthermore, he has drastically changed the shape of the lights at the front of the car, adding some length to them, which really does change the appearance of the car.

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Getting Us Excited About The Aventador’s Replacement

Aventador Replacement Rendering Near Completed Product
via TheSketchMonkey YouTube Channel

This render certainly gives us some hype for the new Aventador, whatever that car might get called. TheSketchMonkey has nicely replicated the double vent looking setup that is in front of the rear wheels on the Lamborghini, while adding some of the intricate bulges and lines down the side.

He then colors this new design in blue, and he thinks what he has created will be quite close to the real thing. It certainly gives us a good idea of what could come from Lamborghini very soon.

Source: TheSketchMonkey YouTube Channel

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