Like its S13 and S14 brothers, the Nissan S15 Silvia achieved great acclaim in Japan. Known for its high tunability, age-defying looks, and a penchant for going sideways, the S15 was the curtain call for the Silvia marque, going out with a huge bang.

Although export markets would receive rebranded Silvias as 200SX or 240SX depending on the region, the S15 was available only in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

While the S15 Silvia hasn't quite reached its 25-year-old age for the rest of us civilians to begin importing, social media influencer and Formula Drift racer, Adam LZ took this S15 build from potential drift missile, to showroom stopper. He also allowed David Patterson, aka ThatDudeinBlue, to take it for a spin. Letting us get a glimpse of Drift HQ's latest flagship car, like never before.

Built, Not Bought

If you're familiar with Formula Drift, then you're probably aware Adam LZ previously competed with his 2JZ-swapped S15. Taking this new build a step further, Adam took the naturally aspirated SR20DE, base model S15 and has transformed it into an envious green machine from hell.

Sparing no expense, Adam built out this S15 with a Garret turbocharger, completely custom body kit, Work Wheels, Bride bucket racing seats, and roll-cage to make this Silvia, the perfect combination of a daily driving, drift car.

Rearview of green s15
Via: YouTube

But building the perfect, modern-day S15 wasn't always his intention. Originally acquired to become Adam's latest “missile car,” Adam reached the crossroads every car tuner comes across after the paint job came back better than expected, “I guess I have to build a car to match the paint job” and from there, the green apple Silvia was born.

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A 400-HP, SR20DE Powered Drift Missile

SR20 Engine S15 Silvia
Via: YouTube

Like his Formula D, 2JZ-swapped Silvia, Adam could have taken the easy way out and swapped in another fully built engine. But according to Adam, it just wasn't fitting for the personality of this candy apple green S15. Rumor also has it that this very car is the Mona Lisa, the notable S15 featured in The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, so in order to keep a similar theme, Adam built the naturally aspirated SR20DE to a rather ambiguous “400 plus” horsepower, or so David Patterson says in the video above, thanks to its bolt-on, Garret turbocharger.

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Taking Adam LZ and his team only 10 days to restore after it returned from paint, it truly is amazing to see how quickly a project can come together. Much different from the wrenching parties that we're accustomed to, Adam and Drift HQ took a car with a checkered past, and turned it into the envy of gearheads everywhere. The only real question is, would Han approve of what happened to his beloved Mona Lisa?

Nissan Silvia S15 Drifting on Race track racing
Here's What Makes The Nissan Silvia S15 A Drifting Legend
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