Back in February, YouTube channel Nhet TV unveiled their latest year-long project: A homemade Bugatti Chiron. The doppelganger could fool nearly anyone. With a mid-mounted four-cylinder Toyota motor, the hand built Chiron is down 12 cylinders on the French manufacturer’s original. This model succeeded the YouTuber’s Ferrari F8 Tributo build that, according to Nhet TV, took only 60 days. Initially, the homemade Chiron came in a two-tone color scheme. The rear in black and the front in a bright blue, just like the Chiron in Bugatti’s marketing materials. Now Nhet TV is back, and the Chiron has a bold new look.

This time finished in Pearl White, the homemade Chiron is back, and it looks better than ever.

What’s Changed On The Homemade Chiron?

The last time that Nhet TV’s Chiron went viral, upon closer inspection, it was clear that it needed a little bit of work. To cover the vents the YouTubers used wire for chicken coops, small touches like this detracted from the premium quality of the build.

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The team has revised the look of the wing mirrors. Opting for a more delicate design that looks a lot closer to the one found on the real Chiron. Their old design relied on. Slightly larger attachment that is more in line with the heavier set design of the older Veyron model. Once more, the team of YouTubers sanded down the exterior of the car to remove any imperfections. This nets them a sleeker-looking product once they respray their project car in white.

What Did The Builders Keep The Same?

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YouTube channel NHẾT TV

In a recap of the build, the Chiron still has the eye-catching black HRE rims. These give the Chiron a look befitting of street racing. The aluminum wheels that come on the Chiron look opulent and little but aggressive they are not. These wheels see one small modification to bring them closer to the real Chiron. Highlights of aluminum permeate the outside of the rim and contrast with the dark shades of black that sit in the shadows.

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Beneath the engine cover still sits the old Toyota 4 pot engine. As far as small motors go this one sounds impressive. Sitting on the rear of the homemade Chiron, four tailpipes have an impressive exhaust note. It’s doubtful the homemade Chiron meets emissions standards or noise regulations with its engine essentially breathing without restriction. Just like last time, the Chiron has an impressive finish. Contrasting the white exterior, the appropriate gloss black trim sits around the door, along with the front bumper and around the rear. The indicators that sit on the wing mirrors even illuminate in the ushering motion that all Volkswagen Auto Group models do.

Just like last time, the homemade Chiron is down on raw power. The Chiron’s 8.0-liter W16 motor produces just shy of 1500 horsepower and 1600 newton meters of torque. According to Bugatti, the Chiron in Super Sport 300+ guise hit 300 mph. Although hitting that sort of speed in the Nhet TV build will surely inspire fear in anyone that tries.

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