The Lotus YouTube channel has released a new video to begin the countdown to the introduction of the new Type 132 SUV. This new vehicle will be the first SUV produced by Lotus, a company known for sports cars. The Type 132 will also be an EV as well. The unveiling will take place on March 29, 2022.

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Colin Chapman Would Love The Type 132 SUV

This video is an interview in which Colin Chapman's son explains why his father would approve of a Lotus SUV. Clive Chapman says Colin was a very practical man, even though he was a designer of race cars. In fact, Colin always had a 4x4 vehicle in his personal stable. He even had two parking spaces at work. One space was for the Lotus, and the other one was for a practical car.

Clive says the Type 132 checks off all the boxes to earn Clive's approval. It is a vehicle that Lotus' founder would have loved to design and build.

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