Here’s the latest for all Emelia Hartford fans, as she drives in a car she can’t see “sh** out of” because of that massive supercharge spouting out of the hood. YouTube channel Emelia Hartford’s latest video is about her dyno’ing a supercharged Ford Mustang, and it’s a ton of fun.

In case you are not that big a Mustang fan, there’s a Corvette in there too…

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First Up, The Very, Very Modified 'Stang

The video starts with a very tickled Hartford attempting to drive a supercharged S550 Mustang, but she cannot see anything because of that massive supercharger, and says, “it obstructs your view so much I love it” before adding that this is not the only car coming to the dyno.

Hartford continues that they will also be dyno’ing the Corvette, and she had some updates on the Phoenix as well.

But first, there was a long list of things done to the Mustang which included an S-exhaust by Holley, along with an exhaust cutout valve, “so we can choose if we want to run the car open headers or through the mufflers.”

A new throttle cable and Holley dash aside, the Mustang also runs on a spare set of wheels for the dyno, where Hartford introduces her ‘Stang as “something cooler than a Lamborghini.”

For those of you who are new to dyno tuning, it measures engine output and the specs including horsepower, torque, and air-fuel mixture. This way, you can fine-tune your car to take it to the next level, for different engine loads and conditions.

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Loading Up The ‘Stang

Before you dyno a car, you have to make sure it’s rigged in right to avoid any accidents, and they found that the Mustang was leaking a bit of oil. When the technician jokes that “oil catches fire you know,” Hartford wittily replied, “ask me how I know,” considering she did blow up her Corvette once.

Once they fixed the oil leak, they were ready to do some pulls on the Mustang and at the second pull, at 600 horses, they got to a “stupid” amount of torque, all 1,000 lb-ft of it, on just 3,000 rpm.

She managed to reach 815 horsepower, after which a mechanical issue with the motor popped up, and it seems fans will just have to wait for an update on the Mustang to see what truly went wrong. As Hartford said, “the guys are hearing a valve float, but I couldn’t hear sh** inside the car with the headphones on.”

And that, folks, is how to try to dyno tune a Mustang if it lets you.

Source: YouTube

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