Space shuttles don’t come cheap, and they also aren’t guaranteed for life. You get a little more than 100 flights out of a space shuttle and each flight to space costs an absolute fortune. So what we are trying to say is instead of purchasing an actual shuttle or spaceship you might be better off buying a car that looks like one. This article is entirely meant for that as we take a look at futuristic cars that strongly resemble a spaceship or a ride you might be able to find in a galaxy far, far away.

Updated March 2022: If you want a car that looks like a spaceship, you'll be happy to know that we've updated this article with more facts about the available models.

We take a look at some of the most unique designs out there. Some cars were developed in the early 1990s, when imagination ran rampant. We’ll also take a look at futuristic concept cars designed by the likes of Honda, Mercedes and Kia just to name a few. Some old school rides are also worth a look at how closely they resemble a spaceship. Even a company like Ferrari makes an appearance on the list with the 512S Modulo. In terms of the most unique, car one of one created by Michael Vetter is something you’ve likely never seen before. Named the “Extra Terrestrial Vehicle”, some might opt to get a ride in the car instead of a ride on a real spaceship. Enjoy the article folks, and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 20 cars that look like spaceships. Let’s get started!

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20 Ferrari 512S Modulo


A Ferrari that resembles a spaceship? Sign us up! This one door coupe is a part of Ferrari history. It was developed way back in 1970. As of this day only one model of the rare one-door exists. The car was on display at the Geneva Motor Show almost 50 years to this day.

The car resembles a hover craft or something that might be seen on an episode of Star Trek. Talk about riding in style, just imagine hovering around in a Ferrari type spaceship? Maybe they could have used the car as a method of transportation once they got to the moon.

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19 Mercedes-Benz Biome


We feature several concepts cars in this article. You would think judging by the way some of these automobile concepts came to be, they were designed by aliens or someone with an interest in outer space. Mercedes typically releases outlandish car models as concept cars. In fact, you can fill an entire lot of concept cars made by Mercedes that look suitable for the future or even space travel.

The Biome is no ordinary car. It’s environmentally friendly and powered by renewable resources! Made by organic produce the automobile is basically powered by seeds. Somehow, the concept car didn’t win the award at the Design Los Angeles Conference. That’s highway robbery if you ask us (even if it is a concept car).

18 Aptera 2e


Never mind looking like a spaceship, the Aptera 2e takes things a step further. The unorthodox wheels on the sides make it look as though it is capable of flying like an actual hover craft or spaceship. This rare three-wheeled automobile was accepting deposits in the California area. Unfortunately, all the deposits were given back due to a number of different concerns.

The car certainly wasn’t as fast as a spaceship with a max speed of 85 mph (which in truth really isn’t all that bad). The car was also affordable starting at $25,000. At the very least it made an appearance during the Star Trek film.

17 1972 Maserati Boomerang


The Maserati Boomerang looks like a car that comes out of a spaceship and is used for ground travel on Mars. According to Car and Driver the concept car is still a sought after purchase, recently selling for a whopping $3.7 million at an auction.

The rare piece of history is more than a concept car and one that you can actually drive. Although a one-off, the rare Maserati car was well received during the launch. The true hero might be the inside of the car which somehow looks even more futuristic than the outside. The steering wheel basically has the dashboard stats on it, a component well ahead of its time.

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16 2004 Eliica


If a bus or taxi turned into a spaceship it would look like the 2004 Eliica. The concept car that features eight wheels made its debut back in Tokyo more than a decade ago. Along with the futuristic look on the outside, the automobile was well ahead of its time with a battery powered format. The eight wheeler wasn’t slow either, as the car reached a top speed of 370 km/h.

The car was given a try back in 2005 by the former Japanese Prime Minister. The main problem with the Eliica was the cost to make it and how much it sold for. The price tag wasn’t cheap and estimated to be worth a quarter of a million if not more.

15 Phantom Corsair


Developed by the late Rust Heinz, the 1938 Corsair Phantom made quite the statement during its release. The car never made it to production but is regarded as well ahead of its time in terms of features. It has remarkable automatic doors, a shock for a car made in 1930s. However, it also has lots of blemishes such as a tiny backseat that would make passengers very cramped.

The production of the car came to halt after the developer Rust Heinz passed away. Only one prototype exists today and let’s just say it isn’t cheap. Back in 1938 it was produced at a cost of $24,000. That’s the equivalent of almost $400,000 today.

14 Chevrolet FNR


Another concept car the Chevrolet FNR looks like a vehicle you would see in Men in Black or any other futuristic flick. According to Extreme Tech, the automobile is a self-driver and produced in Shanghai. The laser lights and dragon fly doors would make anyone feel as though they’re living in space or in the very distant future.

It isn’t the first futuristic concept car developed by Chevrolet. The process seems to be ongoing at this point. What might be even more remarkable than the outside is the technology featured on the inside. The car contains artificial intelligence in the form of your own personal assistant. Yea, mind blown!

13 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket


A concept car from the 1950s, this automobile looks reminiscent to a car from the hit series The Jetsons. Created in 1956, General Motors produced one prototype of the rare car. Produced by Harley Earl the vehicle didn’t make it to production but at the very least was featured in a couple of auto shows and even films.

A surprise to absolutely nobody, the developer who came up with the car concept was inspired by space and aviation. Both the interior and exterior reflect that strongly. The car never made it to the market due to visibility issues. The one-piece rear window was viewed as hazardous.

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12 Mercedes-Benz F 015


Once again we feature a Mercedes concept car. It won’t be the last you see of the company in this article. Hey maybe they really are designing some new rides particularly made for space or maybe they just really like cars that look futuristic, who knows? This concept car pushes the term “luxury in motion”.

Chairman of the Management Board at Mercedes, Dr. Dieter Zetsche makes the claim that this car is so much more than a regular automobile; “The car is growing beyond its role as a mere means of transport and will ultimately become a mobile living space.” Mercedes envisions this ride becoming a reality by 2030 and beyond.

11 Kia POP


Be honest, Kia wasn’t on your list when thinking about cars that look like spaceships. However the Kia POP concept car challenges that perception by mixing innovation into this hybrid car. Like some other cars on the list, this eclectic automobile looks like something that comes out of the spaceship and allows one to ride on a planet far away in outer space.

The electric car was unveiled in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show. Among the coolest features includes oblong-shaped windows and an electric motor with decent speed. As for the designer’s inspiration unsurprisingly it’s a space shuttle.

10 DKW Monza


Named after the legendary Italian Grand Prix, this rare car has a need for speed especially back in the 1950s. The car took part in two separate races back in 1954 and 1955. Not only did it race, but it was also produced for the market.

The exact number that was available is a little skewed, although it is rumored to be a little more than 200. As of today it is believed that 50 versions of the rare DKW Monza still exist. Setting five international records back in the day the car is definitely fast for its time. All it needed was some wings, and it was a go for space.

9 1981 DeLorean DMC-12


If you follow us religiously here on Hot Cars you might have seen a celebrity attached to the vehicle. We’re talking about WWE Superstar Sheamus who bought the car in 2014 for $55,000. This shouldn’t come as a surprise particularly due to the fact that the automobile had a major assembly line over in Northern Ireland.

The production run of the car was quite short, spanning the early 80s (1981-1983). The DeLorean Motor Company produced more than 8,000 cars. For fans of the car get ready for an upgrade as replicas are planned to re-launch. They won’t come cheap at just under $100,000.

8 Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X gets compared to a spaceship quite often due to its unique door concept in particular. The car on the exterior also looks well advanced and quite futuristic to say the least. The Tesla Model X launched in 2015 and is available for purchase.

The SUV contains 5-doors. It was among the top selling “plug-in” cars back in 2016. Another cool achievement, the Model X broke a Guinness World Record for the heaviest tow by and electric production passenger vehicle. It can carry a darn Boeing 787-8! Perhaps with such strength it can also carry a darn spaceship as well!

7 Toyota FCV Plus


This concept car is quite futuristic. The Toyota FCV Plus is known for being a part power plant, part car. Not only is it a car but the FCV also generates power on its own... Talk about being advanced. This space-age looking car is all about the environment.

According to New Atlas, clean fuel is the priority of this Toyota concept car; “The car is designed to double as a clean energy source and to operate as part of the "electric power-generating infrastructure," helping to protect the environment and provide a measure of energy security in the process.”

6 Volkswagen Arrow Hybrid Car


This concept car will have you starring at the screen for several minutes. Shaped like an arrow you would think the concept was developed by aliens from outer space. Looking like a hybrid type of hover craft the two-wheeler has aerodynamics similar to a motorcycle.

However, the closed roof makes it mimic a car more than a motorcycle. You can argue it looks like a Slingshot type of ride more than a car or motorcycle in truth. The concept made it to the public back in 2013 and not much else has come out since. The ride is designed for one human according to Volkswagen.

5 Volkswagen XL1


Is Volkswagen another company thinking about future or looking to create a ride suitable for outer space? The XL1 is another unusual design. Surprisingly it isn’t a concept car and 250 units were put up for sale back in 2013. An environmentally friendly automobile, the car fits a driver and passenger.

The two door coupe also made its way to Germany in the summer of 2014. The car had quite the impact internationally getting nominated for World Car of the Year back in 2014. Unfortunately for the car company the award went to the Audi A3, a vehicle that sadly does not mimic a spaceship. However the runner-up BMW i3 certainly does.

4 Honda FCV Concept


Honda is another company manufacturing several unique concept designs. However this one in particular resembles an outer space type of transport method. This car in particular was unveiled in the fall of 2014.

According to Honda, the vehicle is just as unique on the inside as it is on the outside; “The Honda FCV Concept features a low, wide aerodynamic body with clean character lines. The interior strives to achieve harmony between man and machine by taking advantage of new powertrain packaging efficiencies delivering even greater passenger space than the four-seater FCX Clarity. “

3 Mercedes-Benz CLR


Looking at the CLR you might be thinking two things based off the design alone. One, which alien created this hover craft or two, why is it so darn flat? The car was actually used as a practice and qualifying car initially. Due to safety concerns it was eventually taken off the track.

An accident involving the car and racer Mark Webber caused lots of controversy. The vehicle literally back flipped. For a second you actually might have thought it was able to fly just like a spaceship. Unfortunately it cannot.

2 2084 Chrysler Hover Car


Chrysler took things a step further with the introduction of a unique concept car. We joked around throughout the article about cars looking like hover cars. Well Chrysler actually plans on developing one according to this unique concept car. Details about the car remain few and far between.

However lots of associations have been made comparing the vehicle to cars we’ve seen in such films like Total Recall, Blade Runner, Space Odyssey and Back to the Future II. Who knows, maybe in 2084 this car is going to become a reality? For now we can only dream about driving such an automobile.

1 Michael Vetter’s Extra Terrestrial Vehicle


We close off the article with a car developed by the wicked mind of Michael Vetter. Not only did he create this extra terrestrial inspired car but he also put it up for auction on eBay, selling it for a cool $100,000.

Vetter describes the car as a major attraction on the outside and smooth ride on the inside; “You are looking at a vehicle which receives more pictures taken of it on a daily basis than any Lamborghini or Ferrari. The ride is smooth, solid and reliable. Due to the shape of the car the faster you go it seems to get more quiet inside.” In terms of cars that look like spaceships, it doesn’t get much closer than Vetter’s inspired outer space car.


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