The Continental is one of the longest-running American series of mid and full size luxury cars, and it is a product of Lincoln, the luxury vehicle division of the American auto giant Ford Motor Company. The model line was launched in 1939 after the construction of a personal car for Ford Motors’ President Edsel Ford. The Continental series intends “to create cars that are styled for classy people who love to enjoy luxurious comfort.” Some consider the Lincoln Continental cars to be the greatest Mafia car of all time.

Though it is smooth to handle and boasts of a pretty decent performance, luxury and comfort are the main point of attraction of the Lincoln Continental models. The 1963 Lincoln Continental is a midsize and full-size luxury car from the fourth-generation models of the Lincoln Continental series.

It is available either as a four-door sedan or a four-door convertible, and we'll highlight the attributes that makes us love the 1963 Lincoln Continental IV.

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Overview Of The Lincoln Continental

63 Lincoln Continental
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In late 1950, Ford was considering slamming a decisive hammer on its Lincoln division and accepting its loss because of its bad performance in the market. But they decided against doing so and gave the new Lincoln design a chance. The new design, influenced by Ford’s design vice president Elwood Engel, lent the Lincoln division’s hope of survival a chance, and from 1961 till the late '60s, the fourth-generation Lincoln Continentals wore the new design and style — it looked appealing enough to the American market and managed to turn the fortunes of the division around.

However, it still couldn't offset its closest rival the Cadillac as the dominant car in the midsize luxury car segment, from 1961 the Lincoln Continental got a new lease of life. For the 1963 version, 31,233 units of the car were built (28,095 Sedans and 3,138 Convertibles). This was 172 units more than the '62 model. The only engine option available in the Lincoln Continental IV and, consequently, the 1963 version was the 7.0-liter MEL (Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln) V8.

It was paired with the 3-speed automatic transmission was what was available in all versions of the continentals. The vehicle had an independent suspension up front, as well as dual wishbones.

The 1963 Lincoln Continental IV Is Part Of The Fourth-Generation Lincoln Continental

1963 Lincoln Continental

Every Lineup of Lincoln cars started carrying the Continental badge in 1961, beginning a new era in the automaker’s rich history — the fourth-generation Lincoln cars. For this era, the company decided to linger on a design and style longer than it normally does. Elwood Engel, Ford’s Design Vice President, initiated the possibility of adopting the unibody design of the Thunderbird for the fourth-generation Lincoln Continental.

The idea was embraced by Ford’s executives – though not from the Thunderbird model that Elwood had in mind — the chassis of the Ford Thunderbird was increased by almost 10 inches to accommodate the heftier design of the Lincoln.

In a move to make the Lincoln Continental more compact, the fourth-generation Lincoln Continental received a wheelbase reduction of about 8 inches, and it was also 15 inches shorter than the third-generation Lincoln.

The 1963 Lincoln Continental IV Has A Distinct Style That Sets It Apart

1963 Lincoln Continental
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The new and bold look of the fourth-generation Lincoln Continental was clearly one of the most influential and innovative car designs in America at the time. The bold design cues of this generation of Lincoln cars have stood the test of time pretty well, and you will be forgiven if you have mistaken them for modifications even today.

The 1963 Lincoln Continental IV, a four-door luxury car, saw the reintroduction of rear-hinged doors (also known as suicide doors) and featured a frameless door glass for all its four-doors and this further amplified its kingly look.

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The 1963 Lincoln Continental IV Has A Mysterious, Yet Enthralling Aura

Lincoln Continental
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It wouldn’t be hard to defend an argument that one of the most famous cars in American history is the Lincoln Continental. There are a lot of recorded events in history and oral traditions that lend credence to this claim; one of the greatest and most loved presidents in the history of America was assassinated while taking a ride in his modified convertible Lincoln Continental Limousine.

Though this was an earlier version of the 1963 Lincoln Continental, since it is very difficult to tell all the versions of the car apart from just a glance, all other Lincoln Continental shared in the unfortunate mysterious aura brought on the car due to this event.

Men with power, including law enforcement officers, public officers, big businessmen, and even mafias, have a knack for Lincoln Continental cars, and this includes the 1963 model. The car was so popular among this class of people that it had a hanging symbol of power and affluence, and it was easy to assume that anyone who drives a Lincoln Continental is influential.

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