Some classic BMW models are not difficult to acquire, even in 2022. However, one holds a major brag for being owned by one who used to be one of the world's most iconic drifters. Notably, this is not a driver from any of the major Formula One driving events, but none other than the late icon himself, Paul Walker - the famous actor and race god who immortalized the Fast and Furious franchise for cinema-goers.

While the world has bid farewell to this amazing actor after he passed following a tragic motor accident in 2013, his memory however lives on through the things he left behind that include an enviable car collection featuring... yes, you guessed right, a 1995 BMW M3.

So, what exactly makes the 1995 BMW M3 such a special model?

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The 1995 BMW M3 Has A Rebellious, Non-Conformist Design

BMW M3 Sedan 1995
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When you think of a sports car, what comes to mind? The holy book of sports car development calls for a low-slung, two-seater with arrest-me wings, dams, and bodywork that speaks to a parking enforcement officer about what the car is supposed to do. However, the designers of the 1995 BMW M3 say otherwise.

Not many cars can boast of the peculiarities of the 1995 BMW M3. With four seats, an excellent sound system, air condi­tioning, and electrically operated win­dows, the BMW M3 houses everything that is traditionally believed to stop a car from being fast. Indeed, the 1995 BMW M3 is an automotive delight with its subtlety and unassuming design. Also, only a few cars comes close to matching or rivaling the performance ability and practicability of the 1995 BMW M3, especially at a fair price between $20,000 to $36,000.

The 1995 BMW M3 Is One Of The Best M Models Ever Made

Blue bm3 mw
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Previous editions of the BMW M series were primarily focused on track cars. However, this exquisite and daring two-door coupe is an exceptional road machine with a flexible 240-horsepower, 3.0-liter inline-six, and an undisturbed chassis. A limited-slip differential and 17-inch wheels. Initially, the M3 was available only with a five-speed manual, but later in the model year, BMW added an optional five-speed automatic to push the speed limit just a bit more.

This BMW can sprint from a standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 4.8 seconds, and to 124 mph in 19.6 seconds. Its quarter-mile time is 13.3 seconds, while its top speed was electronically limited to 155 mph. To date, it is still the most successful racing car ever built, winning more than 150 rac­ing and rally championships globally.

The 1995 BMW M3 Has A Fanciful Yet Really Comfortable Interior

1995 BMW M3 Sedan
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Inside the 1995 BMW M3, the front sports seats are designed with cloth, suede, and sometimes leather. Despite being a two-door coupe, the 1995 M3 is easy to enter and come out of, and it has firm but comfortable 12-way adjustable seats. The car is also designed to seat four people. The back seats comfortably accommodate a 6"1 tall passenger with adequate legroom.

Fast or slow, this car is always balanced, and it is well grounded, passionately focused on the road ahead. The M3 design did not sacrifice a few good pleasures available to drivers for speed.

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The 1995 BMW M3's Market Advantage Over Competitors

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Another great feature of the 1995 BMW M3 is its fluidity, making it a very marketable product. It appeals to the adrenaline-addicted 20 something years olds seeking to hit the road and works as a comfortable and dependable sedan for grocery shopping. It is a multi-faceted car, worthy of its hype. Outwardly, this car is 4433 mm / 174.5 in long, 1710 mm / 67.3 in wide and 1335 mm / 52.6 in height. The controls and instruments of the M3 are devoid of technicality or professional jargon. Instead, they are always straightforward, easy to understand, and a quick read of the owner's or user's manual will put all ambiguities to rest.

Despite all that's been said about the 1995 BMW M3, don't take our word for it. From a direct user's perspective, a relationship with the 1995 BMW M3 is the closest thing to falling in love, because of its comfortable interior, slick yet practical design, smoothness, maneuverability, and how the car drives.

Finally, the BMW M3 has an enthralling charisma and enchantment, attributes it still exudes today.

From its performance to its powerful appearance, its immortality as a sports car grants her the ancestor's title. Yet, the model remains simultaneously thrilling, addictive, and enchanting after almost three decades since the first design.

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