The Fast Lane Car on YouTube has answered a question that many enthusiasts have been asking: Is the latest generation of the Volkswagen Golf R superior to the last generation? The video addresses the mixed reviews of the latest iteration of the all-wheel drive hot hatch and leads to a direct comparison of a 2022 Golf R to a 2013 model, which was a part of the previous Golf's generation. Watch the video to see these cars go head-to-head and determine if the changes made for the 2022 were a worthwhile update.

Comparing The Latest VW Golf To A 2013 Model

The 2013 Mk6 Golf R used in the video currently has 80,000 miles on the odometer and outputs 256 hp from the factory. This particular Golf R also has a Stage 1 tune, which kicks the horsepower up to 300, making it more comparable to the 2022 Mk8 Golf. The 2022 delivers 315 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque with the 6-speed manual or 295 lb-ft with the DSG transmission option. For the first time on the drag strip, the new Golf R is confidently ahead of the Mk6 the entire time and ultimately delivers a faster time; despite the tune that the 2013 has.

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Once they take to the track, the 2013 returns a time of 1:09.36, placing it mid-pack among similar cars that they have previously tested under the same conditions. It's commented on that the engine isn't particularly responsive, and the steering is not as communicative as it could be. On the second lap, the Mk6 delivers a slightly faster time of 1:08.28.

The 2022 Golf R Track Time

2022 VW Golf R On The Track
Via: The Fast Lane Car

While the older Golf R's performance isn't bad, there is definitely room for improvement, particularly in terms of overall handling and performance on the track. One of the ways that they anticipate the Golf R will improve the overall performance is through the addition of a new torque vectoring rear differential that sends overdriven power to the outside of the wheel and helps to alleviate understeer, which was a major point of frustration with the 2013 Golf R on the track.

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The new Golf R ultimately handles itself better on the track and in drift mode returns a time of 1:04.20. When switched to race mode, it completes the track in a just slightly slower time of 1:04.24, a time essentially the same as its initial lap.

Overall, they comment that the Golf R reminds them of the Ford Focus RS, which is a compliment to the Golf R. It is also one of few remaining new vehicles offered with a six-speed manual transmission. They describe the Golf R as "a practical car you could drive everyday" that ultimately still delivers an exciting driving experience.

From the assessment on the drag strip and the track, it would appear that the new Golf R is both quicker and better handling than its predecessor and on par with the Focus RS; hot hatch enthusiasts take note.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R
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