The world has gone SUV crazy, to the point where sales of sedans have plummeted to the point of near extinction in some markets as the fashion-conscious motorist hankers after the latest fuel-saving hybrid crossover, outdoor types lust for the superb the Dacia Duster Extreme SE, and those with less of an eco-friendly conscious one of the high-performance offerings like the awe-inspiring Jeep Trackhawk. Born into a luxury SUV world where established heavyweight performance car manufacturer Lamborghini produced one of the coolest cars ever in the form of the Urus, the Trackhawk unloads a salvo of power at a price that is hard to imagine.

Honed from pure aggression, the Trackhawk provides owners with everything associated with big Jeeps, as practicality and comfort come paired with huge power and face deforming performance. Capable of swatting sports cars like pesky flies, the Trackhawk is a big bruiser that can back up its deep bellowing soundtrack with tire tread reducing feats of acceleration. A superb all-rounder that will obliterate competition on the drag strip, ferry the kids to school and then tackle a dirt track here are 10 reasons why the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is awesome.

10 The Ultimate Jeep Bruiser


It's not the first time that Jeep has dropped a big horsepower engine into one of their off-road products, but it is the first time that the end product has been a super hardcore, track-orientated menace boasting over 700hp in firepower.


Weighing in as one of the most powerful off-the-shelf SUVs ever created, the Jeep Trackhawk is a howling, tire-melting bundle of fun that sits atop of the Jeep tree to make the immensely rapid 461 hp SRT version look like a plain old school-run mobile.

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9 Homegrown Muscle


Proudly built in America, in the Jeep Trackhawk is every bit the muscle car as beneath that raised, elongated hood lies a howling Hemi, one of the most enigmatic engines to have ever powered a hallowed street racer or feature in a rock song.


Pumping out a total of 707hp, the Trackhawk is the most powerful Jeep to have ever been released and is a tribute to the brand's continued devotion to creating truly fantastic high-performance SUVs that break the laws of physics.

8 Phenomenal Performance


Thanks to its 6.2-liter Hemi which features an enormous supercharger, the Jeep Trackhawk will haul its considerable 5070 lbs curb weight to 60 seconds in a hard-to-fathom 3.4 seconds and 100mph in a neck-snapping 8.8 seconds.


Those figures allow the Trackhawk to keep a 2022 BMW M3 almost level in a flat-out run, putting it into perspective that's a huge truck keeping one of Germany's finest modern performance cars honest when racing in a straight line.

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7 A Monster Engine


A well-respected unit, the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 bestows the Jeep Trailhawk with the type of performance usually reserved for exotic vehicles that cost two to three times more and weigh in at one third of the weight, with far fewer seats.


The only downside to all that power and performance is that the beast likes to gulp down unleaded at an alarming rate, just drop the hammer and revel at the way it drops as wallet melting single-digit mpg readings are recorded.

6 It's Really A Racecar In Cargo Pants


It's a Jeep, three little words that have been used by those narrow-minded naysayers to dismiss the monster by those that fail to recognize the sheer amount of supercar humbling grunt on offer when driving a Trackhawk.


It's not just a straight line eater though, as its heavily revised sports suspension allows for deft handling whilst the mighty Brembo brake setup allows speed to be shaved off rapidly and in a controlled fashion, allowing for rapid corner progress.

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5 A Cat Out Of Hell


Carried over from the Hellcat versions of both the Charger and Challenger, but down-tuned by a meager 10hp, the Trackhawks Hemi delivers power in explosive fashion with even the slightest twitch of an ankle causing the Jeep to rocket forward.


Having been fitted to the Trackhawk the Hellcat engine suffers no detriment, its animalistic power delivering never once being blunted by the additional bulk as the eight-speed automatic gearbox rapidly bangs through the gears under acceleration.

4 Not A One Trick Pony


Yes, it may have more power than a Lamborghini and accelerate faster than a Ferrari, but the Trackhawk is still a Jeep and more than happy to do Jeep-type stuff, within reason obviously, and not leave you stranded if say it snows.

jeep off roading

Fitted as standard with Jeeps Selec-Track system which allows the Trackhawk to be placed into a number of driving modes depending on the conditions, with Snow and Tow on offer for those who want to use their Jeep for more than setting lap times.

3 The Life Of Luxury


It may be a track-based special but this Jeep is no stripped-out homologation special and comes trimmed with invitingly soft leather sports seats, plush carpeting, and acres of trunk space to accommodate a growing, active family.

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On top of this, the Jeep Trackhawk comes equipped with plenty of technology with the 8.4-inch central mounted infotainment screen allowing access to Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Sat-nav, and 4G mobile Wi-Fi connectivity.

2 A Super-SUV Bargain Buy


Parked up next to its rival high-performance SUVs like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Lamborghini Urus, and Mercedes-Benz GLE63 S the Jeep Trackhawk undercuts them all allowing the substantial savings to be funneled into the purchase of much-needed gasoline.


That means the Jeep Trackhawk gives cash-savvy buyers access to a luxuriously appointed SUV that will obliterate the quarter-mile in 12 seconds whilst being able to brag about how their sub $90,000 SUV outran the local poser in their Italian supercar.

1 Honed To Perfection


Ensuring that the Trackhawk is as safe as it is fast, Jeep has fitted it with driver assistance technology like automatic high-beam headlights, lane departure warning alerts, adaptive cruise control, and the very useful self-parking assist system.


With all of these safety features onboard, the Trackhawk driver can also rest easy knowing that the mighty Jeep also scored an impressive 5 stars in the NHTSA crash test, making it one of the safest vehicles to bury the throttle and scare a family in.

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