The EV segment has seen some of the most astounding models so far, and with the rise in demand in this automobile sector, the stakes are only getting higher. This has led most brands, who were set on a conventional gas-powered route, to take on a more electrified route. Kia released the EV6, Audi released the E-Tron Quattro, and Honda made the Honda EV Concept, a series that featured the Urban EV, and its Sports counterpart, the Honda Sports EV.

Debuted at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the Sports EV made statements with its exterior styling cues that are inspired by Honda’s historical installments and the brand’s years of making sporty automobiles. It featured a lot of illuminated technology on the front and back end, a 113-KW motor under the hood, and special performance and artificial intelligence features.

According to Car Sensor, the Japanese automaker may be cooking up a street-going version of the Honda Sports EV Concept, which is set to roll out of the production assembly sometime in 2022.

The Sports EV is the indirect successor to Honda’s compact S660 and is set for a 2022 release. We’ll be discussing all the features that make the Honda Sports EV special, and why it could be your next everyday companion.

The Honda Sports EV Looks Stunning

Via: Honda

The most outstanding feature of the Honda Sports EV is the exterior design that pays homage to the Honda S660. The Sports EV has a stunning front end with round, futuristic LED headlights.

The Sports EV shares the same headlight shape and configuration as its sister, the Honda Urban EV. Aside from that, these EVs also share other exterior features, such as the matte black rub strips on the sides, taillights designs, entire front grille, and the blacked-out A-pillars.

Overall, the Sports EV has a compact design, with aerodynamic construction, which proves its performance. One aspect that strikes us is the Illuminated Honda Logo. Thanks to the advanced LED technology, the Honda Logo gleams the center of the front grille and the rear end, adding the EV appearance.

On the front and back ends, the Honda Sports EV features screens, which not only show you the battery status but also display messages to other motorists along the road.

While the concept vehicle may have these extra features, some elements, such as the illuminated grille elements, door handles, wheels, and mirrors will be revised before the EV enters its production phase, so you’ll be looking at a more refined and road-worthy character, but not something too different from what you see in the images.

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Its Electrified Powertrain Makes A Powerful Statement

Via: Honda

Another fascinating aspect of the Sports EVs is the powertrain. According to the brand, the sports EV gets its power from a 35.5 lithium-ion battery. This battery is connected to the electric motor, which produces up to 113 kilowatts (315 Nm).

When compared to other popular EVs, the Sports EV does have a stance in the market. While this specification sets it apart, it still has a strong list of competitors to defeat, especially in 2022. To stay ahead of the rest, we think the production model may offer upgrades for more power and stronger motors, which would make it more desirable to EV enthusiasts.

Thanks to the robust 113-kW electric motor, the Honda Sports EV has a strong throttle, propelling it from zero to around 100 km/h in just under 8 seconds. And here comes the exciting part: The Honda Sports EV offers a maximum driving range of 200km. On this end, Honda could still introduce more high-performance variants with greater ranges, especially considering the coupe’s sporty tradition.

At this point, it’s tough to envision how the other variants may perform, but it will likely come with a performance stat that will keep its competitors busy. ponders that the high-performance models might wear the “hallowed Type R moniker”, which is definitely an option for the Japanese brand.

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The Honda Sports EV Can Detect Human Emotions?

Via: Honda

Car technology is everything. Sure, if you’re into much of the classics, the tech features in new and upcoming cars may overwhelm you, to say the least. If not that, you might be one of those folks who don’t trust computers enough at their jobs, let alone having them assist you to drive, or taking the wheel entirely while you sip on your latte.

But these days, Tech is a vital aspect that every car entails, and sooner or later, we’ll all have to accept it. For instance, things like adaptive cruise control and autonomous driving are quite big right now.

Technology elements are so important to the point where they have become part of a customer’s buying checklist. And its ever-so-evolving nature means another automaker will always come up with something new to stay ahead of the rest.

Plus, with more advanced technology being introduced in the automobile industry, cars are becoming safer and easier to drive. But Honda has taken a step further in technology and has added a very special feature to the Honda Sports EV: The Honda Automated Network Assistant.

This isn’t your average tech feature. The "Honda Automated Network Assistant" is an advanced artificial intelligence system that, according to the Japanese brand, "learns from the driver by detecting emotions behind their judgments.” Does this mean you’re the car knows when you’ve had a bad day at work, or when you’re excited about that trip? You bet!

Compared to what its rivals are offering, at least to date, the Honda Sports EV is a slam dunk. This Emotion-Detecting feature is an insanely-genius addition that’s going to set the Honda Sports EV apart from the rest of the crowd and surely puts it among the greatest Honda Concept cars of all time and the most anticipated production vehicles of the near future.

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