For better or worse, Joe Rogan's reputation precedes him. Recent controversies aside, the podcast host has a reputation as an MMA-loving, philosophizing, hard-man. Not many vehicles would match the man's character. A muscle car like the Buick Grand National, maybe a Mercedes-Benz G63, or maybe even a Tesla. Somehow blending the characteristics of all these vehicles is his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Classic looking, incredibly powerful, and with modern usability. Rogan's car is an example of what iconic muscle cars are if given plenty of time and money.

Rogan's Camaro is muscle car perfection.

What's Joe Rogan's Camaro Like?

Black wheels, black paint, all-black interior, it looks just like the Grand National. Only as a 1969 Camaro, it's instantly recognizable as a classic muscle car. According to the RoadsterShop YouTube channel, this is exactly what Joe Rogan wanted. A mildly-modified Camaro with the correct aesthetic meaning a slight body kit, modern wheels from HRE, and certainly no hood scoops. The workshop fabricated the front bumper from sheet metal.

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The '69 Camaro has a large aftermarket but nothing quite right for what Rogan wanted. The design incorporates the correct fog lamps but has a slight chin to the bottom of the bumper. This motif continues along the car's flanks with satin black rocker moldings. A little different from the usual Camaro. This design continues to the hood. There's a subtle induction vent.

Built from carbon fiber, the hood is a little longer than those that come from the factory. It's much the same story to the rear. Minor modifications to the bumper, tailpipe mountings, brake lights, and hints of detail to the classic '69 Camaro design.

How Modern Is Joe Rogan's Camaro?

Joe Rogan's 1969 Camaro Engine Bay
Roadster Shop via YouTube

Nestled behind the HRE wheels are large 14-inch brake calipers. Branded by Roadster Shop, these brakes hint toward this example's modification. Where the SS logo might sit on a Camaro the workshop's RS letters sit. Another hint to the work done on the car are the shaved door handles. Missing the doors is sleek and aerodynamic without the handles. The workshop installed the same door latch as on the C6 Corvette. This means that Rogan has the advantages of shaved door handles and doesn't have to use his keys to open the doors.

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Contrary to the classic design, beneath the hood is a completely modern engine. RS takes a crate LS engine, rebuilt by Wegner. Once they finish work, it provides north of 850 horsepower. According to Wegner Automotive, this engine costs $27,900. The total price of Rogan's build is unknown but it's more than likely at least four times this figure. That's more than Dodge's Hellcat models and certainly with less weight. Paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, this Camaro is closer to a 2022 Chevy than the original car.

This process of modernization continued in the interior. A full leather interior with Recaro seats has a premium feel. With so much power underneath the hood, analog dials are surely not able to keep up. Rogan's Camaro has full Dakota Digital dials. Small LED displays to show the vehicle's speed yet the classic gauge clusters are still there with bold back lighting. There's no large infotainment display like on many restored vehicles. However, in the center console are USB ports, providing functionality that classic muscle cars don't often have.

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