Comedian Kevin Hart is living a life that's in the fast lane with the pedal to the metal. Come to think of it, so are his cars. The funnyman who can deliver punchlines with the velocity of a supercar reinforces that credo with an enviable collection of high-end four-wheelers, from his 711-hp Ferrari 488 Pista to his custom 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible. But there's another Chevrolet near and dear to his heart that he calls "Bad News," a 1969 Camaro that he recently took to the folks at Timeless Kustoms to make it even more powerful than ever. In a YouTube video released Monday, the crew lists what they did to Hart's hot item.

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LS7-Powered Chevrolet Camaro

AutotopiaLA head honcho Shawn Davis talked to Timeless Kustoms owner Jason Pecikonis, who built the Camaro from the ground up a decade earlier. Recently, Hart approached Jason to see if he could upgrade the Camaro. "I want to do a—like a 2.0. I want to do a refresh on this car," Pecikonis recalled the comedian telling him.

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This Chevy was powerful enough before Pecikonis started to rework the car. It boasts a 380 cubic-inch D-stroked LSX-based LS7 V8 Chevrolet crate engine with a 9:1 compression ratio that could generate 650 hp and deliver 680 hp to the wheel.

Turbos Upgraded For More Boost

Chevrolet 1969 twin turbo Camaro with LS7 engine
Autotopia LA

One of the biggest improvements was in the turbos, with Pecikonis installing a set of 68-mL Turbonetics ball-bearing turbochargers. "We did upgrade the turbos for him," said Pecikonis. "Actually, I would say we updated the turbos. Yeah, you know, turbo technology has come a long way in 10 years. They're really quick to respond and make really good boost." In the case of Hart's Camaro, an additional eight pounds of boost.

Additional upgrades included the addition of a dual clutch, Tremec six-speed transmission, aluminum driveshaft, and a Ford nine-inch rear track lock. Decking out the Camaro was a set of Forgeline wheels fitted with Kumho tires. The final touch was a coat of satin black for the exterior. "I don't want to say we completely redid the car for Kevin," added Pecikonis, "but we did tear the car down."

Modifications Improve Hart's Camaro

Chevrolet 1969 twin turbo Camaro on the freeway
Autotopia LA

On the road, Bad News handles like a dream, with effortless acceleration, superb handling, and a robust suspension system making for a smooth ride.

"Kevin, not that you're watching this video, dude," said Pecikonis gesturing towards the camera, "but your car that was already great is flat out better."

Source: AutotopiaLA

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