If you follow the automotive world, it is very likely that you have run into an article or two about abandoned supercars, often of high value, found in an unusual place. Usually referred to as "barn finds," the actual location of those finds isn't limited to barns but anything from sheds, parking lots, or even fields where they're left to rust.

Neglected cars aren't something unusual, a plethora of events can lead to those once prized possessions left to be ravaged by father time, collecting dust and age rather ungracefully. Most of the time it isn't something intentional, project cars that ran out of time or funds, owners passing away, or forced to move without their possessions. But there's another reason cars are often left without the care they deserve, as rich owners simply have too many of them to care.

Today, we have something rather unusual in the video by YouTube channel effspot. The holy grail of hypercars forgotten in the dark collecting layers upon layers of dust.

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Abandoned Koenigsegg Is A Sad Sight To Witness

It probably isn't a shock to anyone that the location of abandonment is Dubai, a city known for wealth, excess, and expensive and unusual vehicles. It isn't completely unbelievable that Dubai has become a mecca for abandoned cars that most can only dream of owning, but even with that knowledge this find is rather unusual. This isn't the run-of-the-mill Ferrari or Lamborghini, it isn't even your everyday Koenigsegg, this is the holy grail of Koenigsegg, and possibly of all hypercars.

Sitting in the dark here is a Koenigsegg One:1, one of the rarest cars ever made, and from the looks of it, this poor vehicle has seen better days. One silver lining is that the One:1 is at least in good company. Inside what looks like a showroom, the Koenigsegg is parked next to a Ferrari F40, a Lamborghini Murcielago, and possibly other cars that once adorned your bedroom walls.

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The King Of Kings

Koenigsegg One:1
Via: Koenigsegg

To understand how unusual this situation is, we have to understand what the Koenigsegg One:1 represents. This engineering marvel has only 7 in existence, making it one of the rarest cars ever produced. Its namesake stands for its power to weight ratio, at an impressive 1 hp per kg. It is understandable to leave some cars and forget about others when your collection span hundreds of them, but there is always a special few that will always be on your mind. For automotive enthusiasts out there, the One:1 is pretty much guaranteed to leave a lasting impression to anyone lucky enough to come across it.

The question remains, how does a vehicle of such magnificence and rarity become abandoned in a showroom in Dubai? It's a car so rare that even wealth won't guarantee ownership. According to the comments, the car does indeed have an owner, it is simply neglected, to the pain of all enthusiasts.

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