YouTube channel Race Your Ride has posted a video that shows a 1974 AMC Matador take the strip at the Byron Dragway in what is perhaps not the most common entry among classic cars seen there. The Matador, which features a large number of stock parts and is in otherwise clean looking condition, takes on a Pontiac Firebird and later a Chevy Malibu wagon.

Watch the clip to see this unconventional drag racer hold its own as it goes head-to-head with the other racers.

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A Drag Racing '74 Matador

The '74 Matador X fastback coupe features a stock 401 ci engine that outputs 235 horsepower and a TorqueFlite 904 transmission. The car sits currently at 41,793 miles, as the video shows in the beginning when the camera pans over the interior and exterior of the car.

The Matador also has a stock AMC 20 Axle 3.15. This Matador is part of the second generation of the vehicle sold from 1974-1978 and offered, in typical AMC fashion for the time, a somewhat unconventional design.

The video mentions in the description that AMC built only a little more than 10,000 Matador X models in 1974, making this particular car fairly rare.

The Matador Enters The Drag Strip

Matador On The Drag Strip
Via: Race Your Ride

On its first trip down the strip, the Matador screeches its tires and takes on a Pontiac Firebird. While the Firebird may be a more conventional sports car in the sense of drag racing, the Matador holds its own and quickly moves past the Firebird after coming off the line and holds its lead to the end of the strip. The Matador eventually completes the race with a time of 13.80 seconds and a top speed of 96.97 mph, which beats the Firebird's time of 15.98 seconds and 84.58 mph.

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Next up, the Matador takes on a Chevy Malibu wagon and again holds its own against the wagon, moving quickly to the front of the race and maintaining its competitiveness to the end of the strip.

The current owner bought the car from a dealer lot in Muskegon, Michigan with just 44,000 original miles. His intention was to have an unconventional daily driver, but he eventually gave the car some additional attention so that it could serve a dual purpose of being road-ready but also ready for a race. Whether you love or hate the quirky design of this classic AMC, at the very least, it is unique.

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