There is no denying it. Elon Musk and Tesla have produced some great cars in their relatively short history. And you also can’t deny the impact they have had on the electric, and luxury, car market.

Tesla's Model 3 is a perfect example of that. Luxury aplenty and one of the best EV’s you can buy.

But, that does not mean it is the best. Being electric is one thing, but having the right amount of luxury is another.

And there are cars out there that may just sway you over the Model 3. Not because of their power-train, but because of their luxurious features.

This list contains 15 cars that you may well choose over the Model 3. They are in varying levels of luxury, from the truly high-end to more entry-level.

But they are all very good cars and more than a match for whatever Tesla can throw at them.

15 Alfa Romeo Giulia

via AutoNation Drive

As a more entry-level car, not too dissimilar to the Jaguar XE, the Giulia is one of the best luxury machines you can go and get today. You do lose a little bit of interior space compared to some machines, but you are driving a five-seater Alfa Romeo for a good price. There is always something special about driving an Alfa.

14 Buick Regal GS

via AutoTrader

You might not normally associate a brand like Buick with top end, luxury machines. But the Regal GS is actually a very good car indeed. Another luxury car at an affordable price, it is packed with tech including Wi-fi, Apple CarPlay, Satellite Navigation, and a lush 7-inch screen. It might not rival a C Class Mercedes, but it is more than good enough.

13 Kia Stinger

via Motor Authority

Kia? Making a luxury car? Well, they do, and they make a good job of it too! Named the Stinger it surprised many and is perhaps the closest rival to Alfa Romeo’s Giulia. It has quite a speedy look that might make some think it’s a sports car, but don’t be fooled. With Apple CarPlay, a gorgeous touch screen, and seat heating this is a very affordable luxury machine.

12 Audi A6

via Motor Authority

It should be no surprise to see Audi appear on this list. They might not have the same feel as a Mercedes, but they are no less luxurious. The A6 is no exception to that rule either. Audi’s are great performers on urban and country roads, as well as the highways too. Plus, what’s not to like about all-wheel drive?

11 Rolls-Royce Phantom

via Ogara Coach

Whenever you think of luxury cars, the Rolls Royce Phantom is probably quite high up on the list. The Phantom has been around in various forms for many, many years and currently, the Rolls Royce Phantom VIII is the one you can go out and buy. Comfortable, spacious and very much a high-end car the Phantom oozes luxury.

10 Lexus ES

via The Car Connection

Lexus is another brand well known for its luxury products. The ES is no exception. What is most impressive about the ES is its spacious interior, plus the availability of a hybrid ES 300h model. Plus there are multiple variations on the luxury, with the Standard Luxury and Ultra Luxury versions of the car adding some variety.

9 Mercedes-Benz C Class

via New Cars

Mercedes have been in the luxury car sector for some time now, and the brand has certainly pumped out some great cars. Even some of their lower-end offerings have a luxury feel. The C Class is on the higher end, and with versions available with six and eight-cylinder engines, there really is no shortage of choice when it comes to the C Class.

8 Cadillac XTS

via YouTube

The only real downside the Cadillac XTS is that it has now sadly gone out of production as of this year. That does not make it any less of a good car, however. It is incredibly affordable for a luxury machine and has fantastic ride quality in performance, both very important for a luxury machine. It’s just a shame the XTS is no longer in production.

7 Jaguar XE

via Performance Drive

Jaguar is a car brand not doing quite as well as it should be. Despite that though, the XE is a very capable machine and has a real Jaguar feel to it. It’s a gorgeous machine with some aggressive lines, and a fabulous array of display screens inside to keep the driver very well informed. Plus it has a fantastic inline-four engine.

6 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

via Auto-Reviewz

BMW has also got themselves into the luxury car market and the 4 Series and Gran Coupe variants are some of their best work yet. They are in effect upgrades on the 3 series coupes, and of course, it comes with an M4 model for the sporty fans. Reliable, comfortable and fast, the 4 Series is great to purchase.

5 Acura TLX

via Driving

Acura, of course, are the more luxury orientated brand of Honda, and so naturally, one of their cars should be expected to appear on this list. And here it is, the TLX. A stellar powertrain delivers 33 mpg on a highway, and it is one of the most reliable offerings there is as well. Plus, it looks spectacular as well.

4 Infiniti Q70

via Auto Magazn

It was only right that another Infiniti should appear here as they are fantastic luxury machines. The Q70 is another quality product. One of it’s best attributes is how responsive and smooth it is, plus it comes with fantastic reliability. Plus, features such as ‘predictive forward collision warning’ can be invaluable in keeping you and your passengers safe.

3 BMW I8

via Car Magazine

The BMW I8 is one of the coolest looking cars on this list. There is no denying how spectacular a machine it is. It looks sharp and modern and is a hybrid too. 375 bhp powers this beast along the roads, and of course it features awesome butterfly doors. It can at times be hit and miss, but it is a great car to drive and to sit in.

2 Audi A4

via AutoCar

Another Audi! This time we have the A4, an equally good car to the A6. The A4 comes either with front-wheel or all-wheel drive, depending on your preference and it can be either a sedan or station wagon. You can choose! The various trim packages add even more luxury to what is already a pretty high-end machine.

1 Porsche 911

via Auto Tribute

Porsche has to come to mind when discussing luxury vehicles. This also applies to sports sedans, as the German brand puts a lot of effort into these cars. The 911 is an amazingly versatile and reliable car and is perhaps one of the most luxurious performance cars out there. The fact it has been around for so long is a testament to its popularity.

Sources: Auto Tribute, Auto Car, YouTube, New Cars, The Car Connection

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