As one of the biggest auction outlets in the world, eBay can often throw up quite a few surprises. Especially when it comes to car auctions, as you will no doubt find things you simply did not expect. Currently listed on the site is this 1939 Delahaye 135M Cabriolet, a very rare car and a unique one-off, reportedly one of just two examples of this classic car that were ever built.

A Unique And Rare Classic

1939 Delahaye 135M Auction Rear Quarter View
via eBay

This car is truly unique. The 135M Cabriolet was reportedly built just before World War Two, and the listing says that the body-work is the work of Letourneur et Marchand, the legendary Parisian body specialists.

The sad reason that makes this car so unique is that the other example of the car, according to the eBay listing, is now lost, and this makes it the only survivor of the two. This car came about after Ettore Bugatti allegedly had a word with the Delahaye management that they needed to aim higher with their cars, which would ultimately spawn this Delahaye 135M.

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A Much Sportier Example Of A Delahaye

1939 Delahaye 135M Auction Side View
via eBay

The 135M Cabriolet was a much sportier car than any other made by the company up to that point. It gained the nickname Coupe Des Alpes after it had success in the Alpine Rally. The 135M also won the 1937 Monte Carlo Rally and the 1938 Le Mans 24 Hours. There are no reports of any sporting history for this example on eBay, and very little is actually known of its life between 1939 and 1960. All that we know is that it was initially delivered to its owner in 1939 and then there is a big gap until 1960 when a buyer in Connecticut bought the car before it simply went into storage.

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A Sporty Looking Four Seater

1939 Delahaye 135M Auction Front Quarter View
via eBay

The car is very sporty looking, especially with its Rudge knock-off wheels. It has an optional Cotal Preselector transmission and a single carburetor. Amazingly, the car has its original engine, although it needed freeing up after 62 years in storage.

​​​​​​​The engine is of the six-piston variety, and the crankshaft is, in fact, supported by four main bearings, meaning it has much more support than, say, a Ford engine of the time. This unique car is currently listed for $185,000 and is a car that deserves a lot of love and care.

Source: eBay

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