Doug DeMuro is one of the best car reviewers on the internet. He is perhaps best known for his looks at quirks and curiosities of various cars throughout the history of the automobile world. One of his latest videos sees him check out the Ford Mustang Terminator Cobra, a car he says is a muscle car icon and that it was the Hellcat of the 2000s — this is a review that Doug is incredibly excited about.

This Cobra Is Available On Cars And Bids

At the time of writing, the Cobra that DeMuro reviews in the video is one you can buy on his auction website, Cars and Bids. As DeMuro says, under the hood is a supercharged V8 engine producing some 400 hp, a big number for the era. And the cars were only ever on sale for two years.

One quirk off the bat is about the paint. It looks different in certain lights and in certain angles, green in some and purple in the other, and a full repaint of the car would take around $10,000 as it's not cheap paint.

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The Epic Quirks To This Muscle Car

DeMuro Cobra Terminator Front Fascia
via Doug DeMuro YouTube Channel

DeMuro points out some of the differences between this car and the earlier Cobra to make sure the two stood out. This includes the totally new front fascia with new bumpers and more opening for air. The lower part of the rear-bumper is in black to help make the Terminator stand out more, and the air scoops on the side of the car are very muscular. The last big obvious change is the rear-lip spoiler, different from earlier Cobras and gives the car a different look to help differentiate it from earlier Cobras. This was the last Cobra that Ford built, as a new Mustang came out for 2005, after two years of the Terminator.

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Quirks On The Inside

DeMuro Cobra Terminator Interior Quirks
via Doug DeMuro YouTube Channel

There are some interesting quirks on the inside of the Cobra, although DeMuro points out that the interior does have quite a cheap feel to it. There are two unusual oval-shape pods on the passenger and driver's side dashes, and on the passenger side the word Mustang is actually written out in a heritage style. SRS, which basically means airbag, is also written in this weird font. And on the steering wheel too, a very odd quirk.

Another fascinating little quirk is that the convertible roof can’t get put up unless you have the car with the parking brake on. This is nicely indicated with the “set park brake” lettering on the drop-tops button. The whole video is very much worth your time to view these weird and wonderful quirks.

Source: Doug DeMuro YouTube Channel

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