The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series provides its fans with exciting racing action. Last weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the action was literally on fire for Hailie Deegan in the number one Ford F-150 race truck.

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race Day At Atlanta Motor Speedway

The first three and a half minutes of the video show Hailie Deegan and her crew making the trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway in a motorhome and taking an online IQ test. The banter among the group is lively and funny at times, but if you're interested in the race-day excitement, skip ahead.

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After eating breakfast and adjusting the crew's mindset, even the dog's, to a more positive vibe, Hailie Deegan emerges from the race truck hauler decked out in her new race suit. Proud of the way it looks, she proclaims the entire ensemble “on fire,” which in hindsight is somewhat prophetic. During the after-practice debrief, Deegan says she feels that this race is “going to be one of the wildest races.”

Hailie Deegan's NASCAR Racing Truck Is On Fire

Hailie Deegan NASCAR Truck
via Hailie Deegan

Deegan starts the race in 27th position and moves up to 17th or 18th before another truck hits her from behind on lap number eight. The impact nearly causes her to lose control at the end of the high-speed back straight going into the turn.

As she avoids hitting the wall, her truck fishtails into the truck she was passing and damages her left rear tire forcing her to make a pit stop under green flag racing.

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The pit crew quickly changes her tire, and she rejoins the race in last place but almost immediately reports back over the radio to her crew chief that something is not right with the truck. At first, she thinks it's another flat, but team spotters around the track think the tires are good. Then as her back begins to get hot, and she smells smoke she becomes convinced that her truck is on fire.

The crew chief tries to reassure her that the smoke is coming from part of the previous flat likely stuck against the truck's exhaust pipe, but eventually the crew sees flames, forcing Deegan to make another pit stop under green.

As the pit crew removes the left rear tire flames erupt as the tire, the inner fender, and the underside of the car are on fire. Deegan waits in the truck as the crew works to extinguish the flames to send her back in into the race. But attempts to put out the fire fail as the truck's cab fills with smoke and fire extinguisher residue blocks her vision and her ability to breathe.

As she is trying to find her way out of the truck through the safety netting the crew chief frantically calls over the radio for the team to help her. The crew removes the window net and helps her from the truck.

Deegan is obviously distressed and having trouble breathing close to the still smoking truck as one crew member takes her in his arms and carries her to a safer place with clear air and Atlanta Motor Speedway EMS already waiting for her.

The onsite infield care center evaluated Deegan, and she returned to the race truck hauler where she seemed more disappointed than shaken by the fire.

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