The Dodge Demon SRT is what some people call the ultimate modern muscle car. When Dodge revived the Challenger in the late ‘00s, they must have been on a mission to bring back the magic and fun that muscle cars provided in their golden age. With the Challenger, they gave us some of the best muscle cars in the form of SRT, Hellcat, and, of course, the Demon. This muscle car came with a supercharged Hemi 6.2L V8 engine. It made a whopping 840 horsepower in its final model in 2018. That’s supercar territory right there.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have also tried to shake things up in the pickup and utility market through Ram. The two brands separated in 2009, but they do share a lot of similarities. But Challenger and pickup enthusiasts never saw the Challenger pickup. But in the world of digital rendering, anything is possible. Your imagination is the only limit here without much repercussions. Popular digital artist Al Yasid imagined a Dodge Demon SRT Ute and created a flashy digital rendering of the would-be muscle vehicle.

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Custom Ute Borrows Dodge Design Elements

If you look closely, you will see that the front end is basically a greatest hits collection of modern dodge design elements. The main grille looks like it closely resembles a modern SRT muscle car. The addition of rounded rectangle headlights is simply neat looking and adds a touch of modernity and digitalization to the car. A lot of you have already guessed what the bottom intercooler grille looks like. It’s Dodge’s own crosshair grille that we have seen in so many cars in recent years. They have ditched that style in favor of a new design, but we have seen numerous Dodge muscle cars and trucks with that look to forget about it.

Furthermore, since it’s a Demon, there is a big wide hood scoop (like in the original car) that does two things: increases power output and tells people that this car means business. Oh, and in classic Al Yasid fashion, there are some race-spec elements. There’s a big front splitter and side vents. There’s not much on the front end of the side body except cool looking bespoke side mirrors and widebody fenders. The wheels and exhausts look eye-catching, though.

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The Rear Is Where The Change Is

Dodge Ute Truck Digital Rendering
Instagram @al.yasid

In the rear, gone are the fastback or coupe style body panels, and present is a big cargo space. We don’t see the cargo bed open in all its glory, but the space looks decent enough. The rear tires are also a lot bigger and wider than the front. He took the subtle and simple road for the rear bumper design with DODGE lettering and classic tail lights. And there can’t be many Al Yasid creations without a big diffuser in the back, regardless of the make and body style. Yasid decided to convert this modern muscle into a pickup. Makes sense though, doesn’t it? A muscle car has the right platform and a powerful engine to make a potent truck. Chevrolet has done it with the El Camino. We have seen Charger body kits that do the same, but not for a Challenger. But since they both share the same platform, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility. If anything, Al Yasid’s design shows promise.

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