Ford, a renowned manufacturer, also had a share of the compact crossover segment with the launch of the Escape in 2017 and per survey, the Escape is Ford’s second most popular vehicle after the F-150 pickup truck. One of the most features demanded by people looking for a family vehicle is the abundant space inside the vehicle and the practicality of the car, and these are some of the boxes that the Ford Escape ticks all the way.

The Ford Escape had a peppy engine with excellent driving dynamics, loaded with technology and interior features. Along with this, the vehicle was designed to fit most buyers' needs, and it had a very sorted trim layout from very basic to fully loaded. The vehicle also had a distinct styling in 2017 and was in line with all other Ford SUVs and pickup trucks. The Escape was a solid all-around package which satisfied most customers’ needs.

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A Design That Fits A Family’s Requirements

2017 Ford Escape's Back View
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For 2017, the Escape was heavily restyled to make it look fresh and up to date. The most significant update to the styling was the new grill that made the Escape look like a smaller version of the Ford Edge. The grill also gave the SUV a wider stance and more road presence. At the front, the vehicle featured projector headlamps and fog lamps with a smoke effect. The lower half of the bumper was finished in black plastic that gave the vehicle a rugged look.

Furthermore, the vehicle had 19-inch wheels, and the design for the alloy wheels was very stylish. The black cladding runs throughout the length of the vehicle and extends towards the rear bumper giving the Escape SUV-like look. The vehicle's rear is also updated and gives a better look overall. The boot lid features the Ford badge along with the trim level badge and the engine badging. The vehicle also had functional roof rails used to store light luggage. The lower half of the bumper houses the exhaust pipe and the reflectors at the extreme ends. However, all lights at the rear end are halogen. The overall styling of the vehicle was very mature and striking.

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A Powerful Performer

2017 Ford Escape On The Road
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The 2017 Ford Escape featured new engines, a 1.5-liter unit that replaced the 1.6 offered previously, and an all-new 2 liter inline 4 engine. The engines produced 180 HP in their base form, and the 2-liters produced 245 HP. Naturally, the 2-liter engine was much stronger since it had better power, and it also did the 0 to 60 MPH sprint in less than 7 seconds, making the Escape one of the strongest vehicles in its class. Both these engines were turbocharged and engineered under the name of Ecoboost, which was the Ford economical engine production. The Escape feels a lot agile and responsive on the road and is among the best driving vehicles. Its class strikes a fine balance between a comfortable ride and a supple feel. The vehicle was predominantly front-wheel drive and came with an optional 4 wheel drive system. The fuel efficiency was 22 MPG combined for the 2-liter engine and 29 MPG combined for the 1.5-liter engine. Ford made sure that the owners who opted for the smaller engine also got a better fuel efficiency as the all-wheel-drive was only offered with the bigger 2-liter engine.

Smart Connectivity And Safety Features

2017 Ford Escape's Interior
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One of the best aspects of the Ford Escape was the interior offered value at every training level. The base trim used lots of hard plastic, while the top trim was a bit luxurious with its use of leather and soft-touch material. The biggest addition to the interior was that Ford had introduced an electronic parking brake in the Escape that was among the very first in the segment. The top-of-the-line Titanium trim has leather seats that can operate electronically and a memory function. The Sync 3 infotainment system had loads of features and was fairly simple to use. It was offered as an 8-inch touch screen on the mid and the top trim, while the base trim had an old-fashioned non-touchscreen infotainment system. The screen on the higher trims was capable of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Ford also put in a few safety features back then, like forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous braking as standard. At the same time, a lane keeps assisting, and autonomous parking came as an option on the higher trims.

The Ford Escape was a very good vehicle. Thanks to updated interior and exterior styling and the new 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine, it was an instant hit among buyers as it was the one car that could do it all for many people. The vehicle offered a lot of versatility and served as a practical option for a family looking for an all-rounder car.

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