Today something a little different – for all the right reasons – not a classic car, but a vintage General Motors rat truck with more than a few details that really set it apart from the rest.

On the YouTube channel WelderUp we can see Steve Darnell walk us through a quick update of the build highlights on the Fermented Fruit Rat Truck – although it’s essentially a rebuild of an existing project that now dates back to at least 2013.

There are videos with the truck appearing at SEMA in 2013 but this time it’s back for some improvements and a new look. Let’s unpack what’s covered in this short video.

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The Fermented Fruit Rod Truck – Back In The Shop

Steve (of Vegas Rat Rods on the Discovery Channel) breaks down the main changes on the rat rod truck, a GMC 350 COE (cab over engine) vintage truck with a 450 hp Cummins 6BT turbo-diesel engine that makes tons of torque and even more smoke.

We get a look at the 5.9-liter engine which now sits much lower in the chassis, for a better center of gravity, as this truck will now find use as a car transporter. With the excessive weight of the 1100 lb engine too high up, with the additional load up top, it would be too unstable.

Alongside the engine relocation, the radiator, and intercooler now sit together under the truck for a cleaner look at the front of the truck while still having access to airflow from the underside of the vehicle.

A custom transmission setup is being installed to provide a balance of acceleration and comfortable cruising ability for the highway, so the team will be fitting a custom RH47 transmission with overdrive.

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WelderUp’s Fermented Fruit Rod Isn’t The Only Rat Rod With Their Name On It

Welderups Fermented Fruit Rod, rear quarter view in parking lot
Via: Welderup

WelderUp’s Fruit Rod looks excellent in shots from before, with dual-exit side exhausts and the super-low stance, alongside the crazy high-mounted engine behind the cab.

However, on the WelderUp website, there is an extensive list of creations from the company, all hot rods, rat cars and trucks, and even some muscle cars.

Clearly, the team knows how to turn around some pretty ambitious build petitions in style and the Fermented Fruit Rod is surely one of the coolest ways to cruise around in this economical, safe, and electric modern age – providing an analog antidote to the times.

Plus, it runs on diesel, so as you’ll be able to save a little extra on gas while prices are high, it even makes sense economically — sort of.

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