When it comes to supercars, there is no deficit in Dubai. The streets during the day and night can be a car show of their own, displaying some of the most insane examples of automotive art and engineering right along the pavement. Taking a dip into the water? You won't be leaving the car scene behind because one designer has created a car that drives on the water and is ready to rent.

Luxury Supercars And Toys In Dubai

Known for its extravagance and wealth, Dubai is a destination of its own, especially in the collector and supercar community. So, it only makes sense that among the beautiful waters, you might see million-dollar yachts and other expensive aquatic recreation toys. But you won't be escaping the car scene here because one company has created a boat that looks like a car, and even drives like a car, and it's a mix somewhere between a Corvette and a Ferrari.

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It Operates Like A Real Car

A bright green Ferrari boat
via Supercar Blondie

If you aren't comfortable driving a water-oriented recreational vehicle, you'll be happy to know that the design of this toy really is like driving a car. There is a gas pedal and a steering wheel, it has a gear selector, but the biggest difference drivers may notice is that there is no brake pedal, more similar to a jet ski — so, to slow down, all the driver has to do is release off of the gas pedal. The buttons work a bit more like the toggle switches you would see on a Jeep, but they are easy to operate nonetheless. The faux-rarri even features a windshield wiper for a true car feel.

On the Supercar Blondie channel, Nicki and Sergi show us just how much fun this unsuspecting recreational vehicle can be, with a top speed of nearly 62 miles per hour (though we aren't sure they hit anywhere near that speed in the video).

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent The Aquatic Faux-Rarri?

bright green Ferrari jet boat at dock
via Supercar Blondie

If you're in the market to purchase one of these insane recreational vehicles, you can buy this aquatic car-boat for around $40-$50,000. Chances are, most tourists in the area will be looking forward to renting one of these toys rather than buying — and not to worry, you can rent them as well. For a small car payment of $700 per hour you can enjoy this exciting fake Ferrari/Corvette boat thing, which isn't the most cost-effective way to spend an hour, but if you're on vacation and looking to do something totally unique while still enjoying the beautiful weather of Dubai.

If you are less interested in driving this aquatic Ferrari-Corvette, the designer plans to continue expanding the collection to include a truck, a Bugatti, and an Aston Martin. Stay tuned!

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