Joaquín Guzmán Aka El Chapo has a huge collection of powerful vehicles, but the RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren touted as the world's fastest SLR takes the cake. El Chapo’s notoriety stems from being the boss of the Sinaloa drug cartel, which was one of Mexico's most prominent criminal organizations in the late twentieth century.

He gained international popularity due to dramatic escapes from Mexico's maximum-security prisons, the most famous of which saw him leaving through a tunnel stretching over a mile from his cell to an adjacent construction site.

However, the first of his many prison breaks was made in 2001. He fled the maximum-security Puente Grande prison in Jalisco, Mexico, in a laundry cart. The planned escape needed bribery and collaboration, apparently costing him $2.5 million. Following that event, he began his quick climb to the top of the global narcotics-trafficking industry. He was apprehended in 2014 and escaped again in 2015 by crawling through a crack in his cell block's shower area, which led to a mile-long tunnel.

After that, in 2015, Mexico's special investigative unit for organized crime (SEIDO) carried out a raid but failed to find El Chapo. However, it did provide the public a glance inside his extensive automobile collection. SEIDO was successful in seizing more than 40 autos from his collection.

We unearthed the most fantastic automobile in that collection: the RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

Now, let's take a look at why this particular RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is so outstanding.

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El Chapo’s Collection: What Made The RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren’s Performance Outstanding?

A collaboration of Platinum Motorsport, RENNtech, MACarbon, and Exotics Boutique made the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren the world's fastest SLR.

The Mansory Renovatio Body Kit offers the body aerodynamics, while RENNtech supplies the performance increase, including a rebuilt supercharger. The SLR has 770 horsepower (574 kW / 781 PS) and runs the quarter-mile in 10.29 seconds at 134 mph.

RENNtech also altered the gearbox components to enable a more fluid power transfer to the driving wheels. Also, the company added Racing Coilovers with 3-way adjustability to the suspension with a hydraulic lift kit that lifts the car 45 mm. They also altered the wheels and replaced them with 20-inch Agetro M140 monoblock rims.

The SLR McLaren’s Safety And Unique Accessories

The designers who developed the SLR McLaren ensured the vehicle had extraordinary safety. It's complemented with distinctive carbon-fiber crash components, steel-reinforced A-pillars, and two fixed roll-over bars. It also comes with adaptive airbags, knee and side airbags, seat belt tensioners, and a tire-pressure monitoring system.

The exclusive standard features are semi-aniline leather-upholstered carbon-fiber bucket seats with individually adjustable seat pads for the driver and front passenger. It also comes with dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a high-quality BOSE premium sound system, a multifunction sports steering wheel with gear-change paddles, and a navigation system with integrated radio and a CD player.

The Interior And Exterior Of The SLR McLaren

To make space for the exceptionally deep windshield, the designers made sure the wide flat bonnet sweeps back from the enormous air dam, its rear edge finishing at the bases of the A-pillars. The SLR McLaren has rounded dual headlamps that give way to a series of powerful curves that run over the wings like muscles and blend with firmly drawn lines to indicate raw strength.

Due to the apparent half-scissor/half-gullwing doors, the designers had to complete the balancing act required to enter the cockpit. Upon entering the vehicle, you are greeted with a spartan interior with leather, carbon fiber, and metal accents. The engine start button is hidden behind a flip-up cover on the gear lever, making the interior stand out.

Although the SLR's racing-inspired carbon fiber seats are extraordinarily supportive, they lack the flexibility that most drivers expect. Mercedes mainly tailors seat upholstery to each vehicle owner's specifications, but no amount of customizing will be able to help anyone higher than six feet who may find legroom lacking. Expect to cram two sets of golf clubs and bags for a holiday to Pebble Beach in the trunk with only 7.2 cubic feet of trunk space.

The SLR Roadster's appearance boasts powerful proportions and lines reminiscent of legendary Mercedes sports cars. It is characterized by a lofty bonnet, a slim waistline, a compact passenger compartment with a characteristic fabric soft-top, and a short tail end with significant/great LED rear light clusters.

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Will We Ever See The RENNtech Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Again?

The Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR is a great car, but it became a masterpiece thanks to tuning genius RENNtech. Though the company discontinued the vehicle in 2010, it's still an aftermarket favorite. In 2008, an auction was held with a bidding price of $383,000, but the public was surprised by the price since they anticipated the automobile would cost more.

This vehicle is a beautiful machine with excellent crowd support and serves as a reasonable investment. It matched El Chapo's persona and with him always being on the run from the authorities, he sure needed a powerful and fast vehicle to assist him in staying one step ahead.

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