For the last few months, highly talented digital car renderer Khyzyl Saleem has been creating a series of renders for his “Rendered with Kyza” Hagerty video series. Saleem goes through his renders on the Hagerty YouTube channel, which are then seen in full glory on his Instagram page. In his latest video, Saleem does something remarkable. He creates a remarkable modern collaboration between McLaren and Buick to create a Boattail Riviera GT, potentially his most ambitious project yet.

The Design Protest For The Boattail GT

The Buick Riviera is a car that Saleem has only recently come to know, so that is a whole new element that Saleem has to deal with. The Boattail is a particularly unique design, and Saleem decided to go with a weird parallel universe where McLaren partnered with Buick, and use the Boattail as a basis for their GTR program — a parallel universe version of the Senna GTR. The initial process has Saleem add round arches to the Riviera, while trying to keep the original flow and body line, such as the lower-hanging rear. Then he has to add in aero components such as the splitter and rear wing while using the Senna GTR as his basis.

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An Unusual But Sensational Looking Car

Saleem loaded in a Senna GTR model he had previously used, and then went to town with the new Riviera Boattail GT.

Straight away, with the finished product, we see the Buick references are still there. The relatively square headlight surrounds are also there, but there are now thin LED strips for headlights. The front fascia is now angled and flat, and the size of the splitter shows us this is a very serious track car. Saleem wanted to keep the Boattail shape, but have it make sense with the GTR improvements. We see this at the back with the v-shape of the rear window, and the general angles around the rear quarter panel.

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Some Incredibly Detailed Changes And Massive Diffuser

Buick Riviera Boattail Senna GTR Render Rear View
via the_kyza Instagram Page

Some of the changes Saleem has carried out are fantastic. Staying at the rear, we see a massive Senna like diffuser below the rear fascia, and the characteristic large and tall rear wing that adds a load of downforce. The exhaust outlets are now in the center, stacked on top of each other, and the bigger bodywork encases much bigger tires and wheels. That classic Buick outline is traceable across the whole car, from front to back, but equally it is clear what Saleem has used as his inspiration for this car.

Sources: Hagerty YouTube Channel, the_kyza Instagram Page

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