The trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are famous not only for Top Gear but The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime as well. And in recent years, the trio have undertaken various special adventures. In those adventures, they often buy classic cars to take them on a long road trip, such as buying a car for $1,000 or less in the United States. A recent trip saw Hammond drive a Buick in Scotland, and now he is set to restore the car, which has sat in his barn since the trip.

Enlisting The Help Of His Team

With the aide of his team at The Smallest Cog, the car restoration workshop business Hammond has started, the car will be fully restored. Since that trip, it has sat in his barn, and needs to at the very least start again before its restoration. This is all shown in this video on the DriveTribe YouTube Channel. Initial impressions are not good, as Hammond tries to at least show some life and nothing happens thanks to a disconnected battery. They reconnect it and there is at least some life in it. The Buick is however quite reluctant to start.

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Plans To Bring It Back To Its Old Glory

Hammond Buick Grand Tour Trying To Start
via DriveTribe YouTube Channel

Hammond states he gets a bit of a twinge whenever he sees this car, as it was the pride and joy of the man he bought it off. He feels bad for not showing it the love it deserves, but vows to change that. He keeps trying with his team to get the car started, they tell him to not be shy and keep cranking the car to get the old Buick to start. Hammond gets his colleague Neil to try to start it using his magic touch, and low and behold, the magic touch almost gets it going.

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A Possible Lack Of Fuel

Hammond Buick Grand Tour Asking Us For Ideas
via DriveTribe YouTube Channel

Another member of the team states the car might just be out of fuel. Which Hammond says would be quite boring if that was all that was wrong. There is no fuel in the barn, so Hammond suggests another part of this video will be added to YouTube soon. But he also asks us, the viewers, for our input on what he should do to the car. And he is serious, too. Does he restore it to its original glory, as he himself says it is very pretty? Or does he customize the car and slam it to the ground? Either way, he wants the car to get the love and care it deserves.

Source: DriveTribe YouTube Channel

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