Over the years, the mid-engined sports cars made by Ferrari have gained some kind of iconic status. The famous Italian brand produced quite a few impressive models from the early 60s, including the 328, the 355, and so on. But in 1996, Ferrari launched a front-engined car to refute the belief that a mid-engined car is hard to beat.

The Ferrari 550 Maranello rose like a star — which it still is, even today. This front-engined grand tourer drew a lot of attention with its performance and styling, earning it a classic status in modern times. But it was its successor, the Ferrari 575M Maranello, that gathered all Ferrari had to offer at the time in a blend of impressive performance and beautiful design.

Often overlooked in the past, but now a classic of special status, the Ferrari 575M Maranello definitely deserves more attention. There's more than one reason to love this sports car and want to have it in 2022, despite the somewhat high price tag. Today, we reveal exactly why we love the Ferrari 575M Maranello.

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We Love The Ferrari 575M Maranello For Its Traditionally Pure Performance

The 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello parked on the road.
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The Ferrari 575M Maranello was launched in 2002 and stayed around until 2006. Throughout the four years, only about 2,000 models were made, which means this Ferrari may not be that easy to find on the used car market today. But what car do we talk about in the first place?

It's the two-seat Berlinetta or the sports coupe that came after the Ferrari 550 Maranello. Designed by Lorenzo Ramaciotti of Pininfarina, an Italian car design company, the Ferrari 575M Maranello offers almost the same styling as its predecessor but improved specs. Both models have elegant body styles and V12 engines, but the 575M goes one step further by providing the semi-automatic, electro-hydraulic, manual gearbox.

That was the first time the F1 gearbox was offered in the road-suitable Ferrari V12. As we said, the 575M gathered all the best Ferrari had to offer at the time. That's why it actually gained the M badge, which stands for modificato in Italian (modified).

The Ferrari 575M Maranello side view.
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The other improvements compared to the 550 Maranello included a bigger engine capacity, an adaptive suspension, bigger brake discs, enhanced aerodynamics, and similar. So, in conclusion, the Ferrari 575M Maranello sported a 5.7-liter V12 engine that produced 508 horsepower, managing 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and developing the top speed of 202 mph. Moreover, it's interesting to note that the 575 in the Maranello name indicated the increment in total displacement from 5500 to 5750.

Considering the specs, it's easy to see why we love the Ferrari 575M Maranello that much. Firstly, the Berlinetta provides an exciting ride, letting you be bold and fast on the road whenever desired. Secondly, the lightweight body and perfectly balanced components make this car equally comfortable and enjoyable at low speeds. So, traditional engineering brings the very best from Ferrari in this classic sports coupe.

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The Ferrari 575M Maranello Is One Of The Most Breathtaking Ferrari Modified Models

The Ferrari 575M Maranello front view.
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Ferrari has a lot of models in its portfolio to brag about, so it's hard to talk about which one of its cars is better looking. But the 550 Maranello and the 575M Maranello bring in that classic styling we don't see so often today. Ferrari called this design "beautifully sober," and we couldn't agree more on the choice of words.

The Ferrari 575M Maranello is not as aggressive and sharp as some other Ferrari sports cars we got used to, featuring those smoother and rounder lines of the past. But it's a no less representation of the power it bears, that's for sure. Everything on the Ferrari 575 Maranello screams performance, especially the sleek, low-profile exterior that makes you imagine the car zooming through the streets.

The Ferrari 575M Maranello rear view.
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Truth to be told, every little detail on the Ferrari 575M Maranello was built with power and performance in mind, from the air intakes to the wheels. There's something special in knowing that fact. But again, there's also the classic styling to make this car super desirable today in the market overloaded with high-end modern designs.

Take the interior of the Ferrari 575M Maranello as an example. Surely, compared to the newest models from the Italian brand, the 575M Maranello looks a little underwhelming. There's no top-notch tech and bare-stripped styling, right? But we love the Ferrari 575M Maranello because of it!

The interior of the Ferrari 575M Maranello.
Via: Ferrari

In every sense, this sports coupe brings back the very best of past times, starting with pure no-nonsense functionality and perfectly balanced styling. All things considered, when you give it a second thought, what reason is there not to love the Ferrari 575M Maranello? The car aged gracefully and even became more popular than it used to be. What's more, owning a classic of such status today is a matter of prestige.

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