Euphoria has taken the world by surprise. Among all the teen drama series out there, this one manages to stand out, while grabbing worldwide attention. That's probably because its stripped plot around contemporary teenage problems speaks both to youngsters and parents, but that's a whole other story entirely, and we don't aim to do a full review here.

What we find more interesting is how much attention one of the series' stars drew with her car restoration project. Sydney Sweeney, an American actress with rising popularity, opened up a TikTok account named "syds_garage." She took on the project of restoring a vintage Ford Bronco, and her fans couldn't be more obsessed with it.

Apparently, the young actress has a soft spot for American classic cars, and she's quite a gear head. She posted a series of restoration videos on TikTok, all to the amazement of the world media, as well as her fans. We followed the process and brought you these intriguing details of the Sydney Sweeney's old Ford Bronco restoration.

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How Did Sydney Sweeney Start Her Ford Bronco Restoration?

The story about Sydney Sweeney restoring a vintage Ford Bronco has reached the masses. Her fan base got crazy about the star's new hobby, but so did many others. We dare to say, that aside her numerous series fans, Sweeney must have gained several more car modification followers through her new TikTok account — which now has more than 1.4 million followers!

Sydney Sweeney's account on Twitter.
Via: Sydney Sweeney on Twitter

But how did it all start? In an interview with the Cosmopolitan, when asked the same question, Sweeney said:

"Anyone can go buy a brand-new car, but not everyone can have something rare that has history. In quarantine, my creative juices were overflowing. I was very bored and I got addicted to going to auction sites for cars. I wanted a Bronco so badly. But I wanted to build one so that when I drove it and people said “cool car,” I could be like “yeah, thanks” and know I made it."

Sydney Sweeney promoting the Autotrader.
Via: Sydney Sweeney on Twitter

So, Sweeney is a real car enthusiast, that's for sure. Restoring a car for the love of it instead of buying a new one (which she could definitely afford) is a sign of true dedication. We're more than happy she succeeded in making her Ford Bronco all-shiny and ready for the road. Let's take a look.

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Watch Sydney Sweeney Change The Transmission And Add Chrome Lettering To Her Bronco

In the last couple of years, Sydney Sweeney became known for her roles in Euphoria, The White Lotus, Sharp Objects, and The Handmaid's Tale. She appeared in Cosmopolitan and even People Magazine, among many others. However, aside her TV roles, she has also managed to draw an impressive level of attention to herself through the videos of the restoration of her 1969 Ford Bronco, where we can see her changing the transmission and doing all the other hard work in the garage.

@syds_garage she’s finally driveable! sending her off to get reupholstered this weekend :) #bronco ♬ Fake - The Tech Thieves

“I changed over the transmission, and I fixed up the front and rear axle from drum brakes to disc brakes. I made it power steering. Everything to make it a safe everyday drive but still look classic,” said Sweeney during an interview with GQ.

Surely, it helps that Sweeney is friends with Rod Emory, who is well known for building custom Porsche 356s and 911s. But still, she fixed most things on her own, which is unquestionably impressive. In fact, one can see her uttermost joy in the videos showing her work in the garage.

@syds_garage finally had a day off today and stopped by the shop. I still need to paint the grill red, but drilled the holes for the new chrome lettering! ♬ Buttercup - Jack Stauber

One just has to admire Sweeney for taking the project instead of simply splashing out on a well restored Ford Bronco on auction. The 1969 models are rare and pricey, but we don't doubt the star would be able to afford it. However, this way, Sweeney must be more satisfied, considering her aspirations. She must be proud of her hard work as well, as the Bronco turned out great in the end.

A Little More Detail On The Car In Question: Sydney Sweeney's 1969 Ford Bronco

1969 Ford Bronco
via: Mecum

It's no wonder why Sydney Sweeney chose to restore the 1969 Ford Bronco. The vehicle is an outstanding example of vintage looks and rough design. Back in the day, Ford marketed it as a rugged all-purpose ride with tough off-road capabilities. Offered with the Big Six or V8 engine, four-wheel drive, steel reinforcements, and many other off-road features, the 1969 Ford Bronco was a pick for everyone needing a powerful adventurer.

Sydney Sweeney's post about the Ford Bronco restoration.
Via: Sydney Sweeney on Twitter

Considering the mentioned specs, it comes as no surprise that the 1969 Ford Bronco comes with a hefty price tag these days. Nonetheless, this was no obstacle for Sweeney. She did not only buy the vintage truck, but she decided to restore it on her own, taking great pleasure in the process. Quite admirable. It also makes us wonder, will she take another project anytime soon? And the answer is yes!

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