British company Radford, which builds bodies for cars, has announced a luxury sports car in collaboration with Lotus. The model is being developed under the name Project 62, and now engineers have revealed some of its specifications.

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What Is Yet Known About Radford Project 62?

Radford Project 62
Source: Autocar

The Radford Project 62 is a mid-engined two-seater coupe. The concept is inspired by the cool Lotus Type 62 racing car, which means that the novelty can be an interpretation of the iconic racing car of the late 60s.

A total of 62 copies of the Project 62 will be assembled. In addition, every car will be assembled taking into account the preferences of buyers, and the company is ready to take orders. Radford noted that several cars have already been preordered.

Representatives of the company noted that each sports coupe will be sleek, elegant, and cozy, so the car will be a great pleasure to drive. Lotus Engineering specialists took part in the development of the car. The Radford Project 62 is claimed to be a true driver's car.

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Car Owners Will Have A Chance To Test Radford Project 62 With F1 Champion Jenson Button

Radford Project 62 F1 Champion Jenson Button
Source: Autocar

In addition, the company noted that future owners of their new sports model will be invited to an exclusive one-day event on the track with FIA Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button. So the owners of the future supercar will be able to assess its capabilities.

"For me, a key purpose of Radford is to celebrate iconic automotive moments by bringing them back to life for a new, modern audience,” noted former Formula 1 champ Jenson Button. “Our first car, Project 62 embodies that ethos to a tee. As a British car lover I am excited that Radford has the honor of working alongside Lotus to pay homage to the truly stunning original Type 62 from 1969.”

Detailed technical parameters were not announced. But it is known that the car will be overpriced because it is a limited version. In addition, the expensive detailing materials used for its creation and subsequent production. But more details should be coming soon.

If the demand for the car is high, then the manufacturers are ready to slightly expand the originally announced car release plan. And that is quite likely to happen because of the interest of gearheads in the car.

Sources: Radford, Robb Report

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