Michael Van Runkle, from our very own YouTube channel HotCars, decided to go to sunny Arizona, to answer one very important question. Can the Dodge Demon be a good daily driver?

Despite all the power, ultimately, a Dodge Demon is street legal and can be a daily driver. The question is, can you handle it all? Let’s see if we get a few answers.

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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is A Drag-Racer

Dodge made only 3,500 Demons in 2018, as part of a limited run of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, and it was a tuned-up version of the Hellcat Hemi. With 808 horsepower in stock and 840 horses with the Demon Crate on race fuel, it was natural that quarter-mile timings turned a bit insane.

Demons have also been dyno tested to hit 870 horses, minus any modifications, so clearly this car is out of this world.

HotCars contributor Michael Van Runkle got Radford Racing School in Chandler, Arizona, to loan out one of their highest-spec Challenger Demons, to first get his 9-second license, and then figure out, “if the world’s most hardcore production drag car can serve as a good daily driver.”

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Does The Demon Make A Good Daily Driver?

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Is A Drag-Racer
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The first thing that Runkle notices when he drives the Demon, on an admittedly not-so-smooth road, is the road noise, and he wonders if this is because of the road or if they removed some sound deadening to lighten the weight of the car.

He does note that mostly, it feels like a smooth ride, the smoothest you can get on Arizona asphalt. The Challenger Demon has a softer suspension, as compared to the Challenger Hellcat wide-body, for example, and it all has to do with rear-wheel traction and better launch control.

Runkle notes, the Demon was, perhaps, an exercise in absolute insanity by Dodge, considering none of the later versions of the Challenger have been able to surpass or even equal the firepower of the Demon.

Runkle admits that many believe this much power cannot translate to a good or smooth ride, but he disagrees. After driving the Demon for 30 minutes, and hitting both city roads and the freeway, he is in love. The Demon, he says, can be a great daily driver because while the ride is not as smooth as a luxury car, it is smooth enough for you to forget the demonic Hellcat engine under the hood. Almost.

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