The collectible car market seems likely to keep on booming, after skyrocketing values during Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions led Hagerty to produce a "Hottest Cars of the Pandemic" list. A little celebrity provenance always helps to draw big money into bidding wars, like this 2004 Porsche Carrera GT ordered new by comedian and certified Porschephile Jerry Seinfeld that is currently listed on the auction website Bring a Trailer where it looks likely to recently set world auction records. And now, Seinfeld fans can bid on another—probably slightly less valuable—car that Seinfeld owned, this 1964 Volkswagen Type 2 EZ Camper conversion that also just popped up on BaT at no reserve.

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Seinfeld's Camper From 2010 To 2016

Jerry Seinfeld Volksagen Camper 2
via Bring a Trailer

Whether or not Seinfeld ever actually camped in this VW remains something of a moot question. The seller (the same person selling the CGT, it turns out) claims to have bought the car from a Gooding and Company auction in 2016, though the auction does not include further documentation supporting the Seinfeld ownership period from 2010 to 2016. In the comments section, members of the BaT community seem convinced that everything is legit, however, and the seller even reminded everyone that the former auction hammered at $95,000 (or $104,500 including buyer fees).

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Four-Speed Manual In The Flat-Front Cab

Jerry Seinfeld Volksagen Camper 3
via Bring a Trailer

The exterior left the factory finished in a shade of white called Perlweiss, while the camper conversion reportedly comes courtesy of EZ Camper of America just outside of Los Angeles in Littlerock, California. A Spartan cab features bucket seats bordering on a bench, with gray vinyl and white piping to match the painted exterior and interior surfaces. A four-speed manual shifter controls the 1.5-liter Volkswagen flat-four out back that features a single Solex carburetor. The seller did commission work ahead of the auction, including replacing the tires and flushing the brake fluid for the four-wheel drums.

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Tile Floor And Foldaway Tables

Jerry Seinfeld Volksagen Camper 4
via Bring a Trailer

Behind the cab, a simple camper layout includes multiple foldaway tables, wood surfaces, and tile for the floor. An ice chest, fire extinguisher, and folding bench seats that can presumably convert into a bed make up the amenities, along with two electrical outlets. Even though Volkswagen Buses (and camper conversions) skyrocketed in value over the past few years, along with the rest of the market, bidding already seems to reveal the Seinfeld bump at $48,000 with four days remaining until the final gavel.


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