Maserati's latest "wind" has already reached the prototype stage. Months after the Italian luxury carmaker revealed the name of its second SUV after the Levante, Maserati's employees took matters into their hands and shared the latest images of the compact SUV to public. This only means one thing—the Maserati Grecale will be soon unveiled to the public.

Photos Shared By Employees On Social Media

Maserati Grecale SUV prototype signage
Via Maserati

The Italian carmaker has already built a number of Grecale prototype models meant for various tests. These prototypes are being tested on and off roads, and even in the circuit in various conditions—all meant to determine the final setup of the Grecale compact SUV.

One of these Grecale prototypes had its astonishing shape photographed just outside Maserati's Viale Ciro Menotti facility in Modena. Maserati then shared some of the images of the SUV with its employees. With excitement already running high among Maserati employees, they couldn't help but share the images of the compact SUV on social media.

Named After A Fierce Mediterranean Wind

Maserati Grecale SUV tease
Via Maserati

As per Maserati tradition, its cars should be named after the most famous winds in the world (with the exception of some). This practice started in the 1960s, when Maserati unleashed the Mistral, which is named after a strong northwesterly wind blowing from southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the northern Mediterranean.

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Maserati's first SUV, the Levante, was named after a strong wind blowing on western Mediterranean Sea and on the southern coasts of France and Spain. The Ghibli, Bora, Merak, and Khamsin were also named after famous winds. Now comes Grecale, which is named after the strong north-east wind of the Mediterranean Sea.

Production At Cassino, Italy With Debut Set Before Year End

Maserati Grecale SUV prototype quarter rear
Via Maserati

Maserati will be building the Grecale at Stellantis' Cassino facility in Italy alongside the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, even investing around EUR800 million to make things happen. Expect pre-production models to be built at the site early 2021, with the eventual global unveiling to occur before the year ends.

With Maserati's Folgore strategy already online, the Grecale is expected to offer both conventional and electrified powertrains, perhaps inheriting the V6 mill found under the hood of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

Source: Maserati

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