Maserati has revealed that they will be the first Italian luxury car brand to manufacture new models that rely exclusively on electric power. The automaker has announced plans for the Maserati Folgore, the name of the electric sub-brand that will designate the EV versions of their vehicles. Folgore, which is Italian for the word lightning, will define the Stellantis brand's electric future. Maserati also provided additional comments on their 2021 sales numbers. The brand is announcing their preparedness for an electrified lineup with the 100% electric range new models.

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Moving Towards An Electrified Future

Maserati Folgore Electric Sports Car
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The Folgore is a part of a fully electric strategic direction the brand will be taking that prioritizes the standards that Maserati customers expect and which the brand claims will be “the focus of every single product and form part of the brand's DNA.”

The new GranTurismo will be the first car that is a part of Maserati's history that will utilize electricity completely as a solution, and the vehicle will debut in 2023. The GranTurismo will offer “cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E, superb performance, comfort and elegance, all typical of the Trident.”

The completely new Grecale SUV will also launch in an electric version next year, providing multiple options for luxury EV buyers around the globe who want an electric vehicle that combines technology with the standards set by the Maserati brand.

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For the 2025 model year, all Maserati models will come with an electric version which includes the MC20 sports car, Quattroporte sport sedan and full-size Levante SUV to complete the Folgore offerings. As part of Stellantis' “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan, the entire Maserati lineup will be fully electric with new models developed, engineered and produced in Italy. The brand promises to continue to prioritize innovation and performance, which Maserati ingrains into the DNA of the brand.

Sales Growth Around The Globe

Maserati Quattroporte
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For the model year 2021, the Maserati brand reported an increase in its global market share to 2.4%, specifically at 2.9% in North America and 2.7% in China. These market share figures come after a year of aggressive sales growth with 41% year-over-year increases to a total of 24,269 vehicles worldwide. As a result of the sales increases and improved results, the brand has set itself in a position to launch a 100% electric sports car and will complete its electric vehicle lineup by model year 2025.

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