The Maserati MC20 is one of the most beautiful and exciting sports cars from Italy. It has received mostly positive reviews since its reveal. Automotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro managed to get his hands on an MC20 and has a few things to say about this 2022 supercar.

A Supercar Different From Other Supercars

Doug started off with the side mirror, which he noted is the same as those found on some Ferrari models. Interestingly, Maserati used to employ Ferrari engines, but that has changed since the carmaker has its own powerful Nettuno V6 mill. Since it’s smaller than V8s and V12s, the Nettuno engine allows the MC20 to offer a considerably spacious rear compartment.

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Getting inside the MC20, Doug revealed the door doesn’t open in the traditional way but by pushing a button on the door, or by pulling a leather-wrapped pulley. Doug noted that the interior of the MC20 was functional, simplistic, and lacks drama compared to other supercars; it’s more business-focused. The bucket seats are even comfortable.

Doug discovered that the MC20 doesn’t have dedicated buttons for the climate control. Instead, an occupant can do the adjustments on the infotainment system, which he described as a scaled-down version of those found in other non-Maserati vehicles.

A Beautiful Supercar Built From Simplicity

blue 2022 Maserati MC20 parking lot
Via Doug DeMuro on YouTube

Just like other exotic cars, the MC20 has a terrible view of the rear. Maserati solved this by installing a camera, with view fed to the rear view mirror. The carmaker also made shifting more dependable by mounting the paddle shifters on the steering column. While Doug hated the turn signal, he loves the car’s gauge cluster screen.

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As for design, Doug can’t help but admire the beautiful exterior of the Maserati MC20. He described it as gorgeous, well-proportioned, and attractive from any angle. It doesn’t have many vents, scoops, and vents like other supercars, but that more simplistic, clean styling is what made the MC20 fantastic and beautiful. He noted that the MC20 has great timing – it arrived at a time when Ferrari and Lamborghini are still stretching designs from around 10 years ago.

Well-Balanced Drive But Not At Par With Rivals

Doug DeMuro drives blue 2022 Maserati MC20
Via Doug DeMuro on YouTube

After driving the MC20 for several days, Doug noted that while the supercar is well-balanced and handles well, it doesn’t steer as sharp and doesn’t push as hard compared to the Ferrari F8 and the Lamborghini Huracán. Its shifting is also quite not as quick as its main rivals.

Source: Doug DeMuro on YouTube

Maserati MC20 Pebble Beach 2021 quarter front
Arriving With Style, Maserati MC20 Turns Heads At 2021 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance
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