The iconic Ferrari GTO 250 is one of the most expensive cars on the planet. It is a super-valuable classic you would not want to ruin by driving it over snow and ice. Yet, this dark blue 1963 GTO 250 played with other expensive classic cars over a frozen lake in St. Moritz, Switzerland. YouTuber Mark Frankel managed to get close enough to capture this Ferrari classic on video.

Ferrari GTO 250 Joins Other Classics At ICE St. Moritz

In his 888MF YouTube channel, Mark revealed that he was in St. Moritz for the annual International Concours of Elegance (ICE St. Moritz). The ICE occurred in late February 2022 and counted several dozens of iconic classic cars (also modern ones) in attendance. These cars included a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB, a film-featured 1968 Lamborghini Miura, a 1967 Morris Mini Cooper S ex-works, a 1953 Jaguar C Type and a 1939 Maserati 4CL.

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Nevertheless, there was one classic car that caught the attention of attendees – a 1963 Ferrari GTO 250 in a dark blue finish. Ferrari only built more than 30 examples of this elegant grand tourer, which found heavy success in some of the most prestigious races in the world. Because of its legendary and rare status, the GTO 250 cars are extremely expensive, with one of them (serial number 4153GT) sold to WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil for $70 million.

A Ferrari GTO 250 With Real Racing History

1963 Ferrari GTO 250 parked ICE St Moritz Switzerland
Via 888MF on YouTube

The 1963 Ferrari GTO 250 (serial number 4219GT) in attendance at ICE St. Moritz belongs to a certain Brandon Wang of the United Kingdom. Mamie Spears Reynolds, daughter of former US Senator Robert Reynolds, bought it new in 1963 (via Luigi Chinetti Sr). The car dominated and was placed first in the 1963 Daytona Continental 3-hour race. Another 250 GTO took second place, with Roger Penske behind the wheel.

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This 1963 Ferrari GTO 250 4219GT raced competitively until 1964. It changed ownership several times, with Brandon Wang buying the classic car in 1994. Since then, the car has attended various automotive events in Europe. It has attended Tour de France Auto, Goodwood Festival of Speed, as well as various Concourse of Elegance events, including the one held annually in Pebble Beach, California.

Playing With Snow And Ice Over A Frozen Lake

The 1963 Ferrari GTO 250 4219GT at ICE St. Moritz 2022 is an awesome sight. Special thanks to the owner of this Prancing Horse for letting the world see how elegant the GTO 250 can be even when playing on snow and ice.

Source: 888MF on YouTube

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