The McLaren Senna is one of the most remarkable sports cars to come from McLaren in recent times. Named after F1 legend Ayrton Senna, its twin-turbo V8 makes it an absolute monster on the track. Automotive YouTuber Mr JWW is lucky enough to own one, and he met up with his friend, @the23collection on Instagram, who also owns a Senna to have the two cars side-by-side in Dubai. These are some of the highest spec’d McLaren Sennas out there in the world.

Two Very Different Looking Sennas

Just shy of 800 hp, the Senna was all about raw, on-track, lightweight performance, and these two Sennas are heavily optioned by McLaren Special Operations, or MSO. MSO is famous for producing custom versions of the McLaren Sabre. The two cars are in different colors, but the overall theme is one of Brazil and Senna. Mr JWW's has Brazilian colors across his car, influenced by Senna’s helmet. The blue Senna has Senna helmet style accents across the carbon fiber. That blue is also inspired by the internal color of Senna’s helmet. Even the badging on these two cars is interesting. The blue Senna is an earlier version, so it has a standard McLaren badge. Mr JWW's, however, is a later one, and has an MSO specific electro chromatic badge, as the car is in exposed carbon. Both are in exposed carbon, but the blue one is an earlier edition.

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The Impressive Detailing Continues

Spec'd McLaren Sennas Front Detail
via Mr JWW YouTube Channel

The articulated flaps at the front on Mr JWW's are in bright yellow, an MSO option to highlight the car's active aero. The blue 23 Collection Senna has the same blue as the car, and it blends into the air intakes they are set in. Mr JWW points out that the accents across his and his friend's cars are hand painted. Very impressive from MSO. Mr JWW also points out some differences in the carbon body parts, such as the black carbon fiber air scoop on the blue Senna, and the green one on his.

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Incredible Interior Detailing

Spec'd McLaren Sennas Interior
via Mr JWW YouTube Channel

Step inside the Senna’s and the interior details are truly incredible. Both cars have Brazilian flag colored 12 o’clock markers. When it comes to the seats, Mr JWW's are in green, exposed carbon fiber with Alcántara. There are also yellow belts in Mr JWW's car, and in general, it’s a more muted interior. In the other Senna, though, it's quite different. There is blue leather in this Senna, and a leather steering wheel with the same Brazilian marker. The leather seats are much more vibrant than the green ones in Mr JWW's Senna. The center console, is beautifully accented in green, with the vast majority of it in the yellow of both Brazil and Senna’s helmet. Finally, the two guy's love for Senna is evident with his signature on the carbon sills of the car. A beautiful touch for an unbelievable car.

Source: Mr JWW YouTube Channel

Green McLaren Senna at track starting line
Watch A YouTuber Test A McLaren Senna On This F1 Track In Dubai
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