The McLaren P1 is part of the hypercar Holy Trinity. This was the original trio that brought the hypercars genre into existence, consisting of the P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918 Spyder. Finding one of these as a used car for sale is a hard task, and they often go for a lot of money. Currently listed on Collecting Cars is this 2015 McLaren P1, which has had just one owner all of its life and it has only done 433 miles since it left the factory back in 2015. This is a real gem of a car.

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Key Facts Behind This P1

McLaren P1 Auction Front Quarter Sunset View
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This P1 has been single-owned since its purchase, and the fact it has only done just over 500 miles is quite extraordinary. The McLaren P1 has a turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine that on its own, produces 727 hp. That engine also has an electric motor to go with it, that produces 177 hp to take the full power output to a whopping 903 hp. The rear wheels are where the power goes on the P1 and that power goes via a seven-speed Graziano dual-clutch transmission with a paddle shift. This P1 is also a left-hand drive for the American market.

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McLaren Has Stunning Fire Black Finish

McLaren P1 Auction Rear Quarter View In Sunset Parked Up
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This P1 is in a particularly high factor specification. The car is in what is quite frankly a gorgeous Elite Fire black paint scheme, and there is a lot of gloss carbon fiber trim across the car, as well as contrasting red badging, brake calipers, and some very cool looking stealth wheels. This was all specified from the factory. The nose badge in its vibrant red is a particular highlight, and there is gloss across the roof snorkel, bumpers, side panels, and ducts to name just a few of the gloss features.

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Further Details On The Car

McLaren P1 Auction Front Quarter View Parked Up
via Collecting Cars

There are plenty of other interesting details on this P1 as well. The car has a Meridian Surround Sound system for some high-quality audio, it's fitted with racing seats and the P1 is running on Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires and it even comes with a tire pressure monitoring system. At the time of writing the bidding for the P1 is standing at over $500,000 and it's quite likely that this price will rise further over the next few days. This is a rare but expensive opportunity to own an extraordinary car.

Source: Collecting Cars

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