As a low production number car manufacturer, Lamborghini doesn’t often make entirely new cars. Facelifts come with a new label resulting in quite long names like the Aventador LP770-4 SVJ Roadster. A shorter nameplate but equally cool car, the Diablo GTR was lucky enough to receive a small touch-up by some enthusiastic fans. This stylistic update brings the legend of the 1990s into the 21st century - Lamborghini’s last car before their first flappy paddle gearbox launched with the critically scorned E-gear transmission. The bull’s model squared up to the likes of the V8-powered Ferrari F40 and flat 12-powered Testarossa. By no means should Diablo slip into the history books.

A widebody render proves just how good this car can look.

Imagining A Refreshed Lamborghini Diablo GTR

Featuring on Andreas Richter’s Instagram account this month, a Lamborghini Diablo GTR Widebody has come to life in high-quality render. Richter has featured this car in both yellow and a stealthy-looking shade of black. Matching this yellow paintwork, the bold tire writing of P Zero sits there for all to see. This touch brings the Diablo into the modern-day and gives the car the air of a contemporary Formula 1 car.

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The regular GTR, if one can use that word with such a special car, in terms of aesthetics only really differs with its wing and front bumper. Richter’s render mainly addresses the car’s stance. With flared arches, their work can fit wider rubber to the frame. What this would do for the track-focused car’s performance is purely imaginary. Richter also opts for a curved rear wing instead of the GTR’s straight wing.

In keeping with current design trends, the designer adds vents behind the rear wheel arches. The widebody kits that Liberty Walk produces for the modern Aventador share a heavy similarity with this design. All this just goes to show that although Lamborghini’s lineup has now changed their cars still follow the same formula.

What Is The Lamborghini Diablo GTR?

Lamborghini Diablo GTR
Christian Flores via Flickr

The Lamborghini Diablo already exists as a special car. The last Lamborghini before Audi forced the brand’s models into a near Germanic state. The Diablo succeeded the legendary Countach and carried on by making the car more insane than ever before. According to, an aggregator of classic car prices, the regular Diablo asks for on average $179,738. So rare, there is not enough data to provide an average price for the GTR model. However, the VT model asks for over $300,000.

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As is the norm for Lamborghini’s best models, the Diablo receives a V12 engine. Either a 5.7 or 6.0-liter engine paired to a 5-speed manual the model is truly an old school car. The GTR took the street-going Diablo GT and modified it for track use. According to Lamborghini Palm Beach, the raging bull planned to produce only 30 examples but 40 left the factory gates. The car went on to win two Australian Nations Cup Championships and finished 8th in the Bathurst 24 hour endurance race.

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