YouTube channel Kaplan America stumbled upon a stash of classic cars and pickups. These are ripe for restorations, without rust and body damage. According to Kaplan America, these vehicles hide in a corner of the Florida Everglades. The owner Patrick has a collection of iconic Chevrolet models like the Cheyenne and Apache. However, his true love sits on a car lift. A 1969 Ford Torino in bright orange this car is everything right with classic car ownership.

This spotless collection could have your next project car.

What Classic Trucks Are In The Forest?

This collection mostly includes Chevrolet models. Perhaps Florida has something in the air that makes the state a little different from Texas. The vehicles in the area seem in much better condition. All are without body damage and have their interiors and windows intact. This means that restoration is simple: just paint and a crate motor. A 1970s straight body pickup with a 700-horsepower Hellcat engine is not in the realm of imagination.

A classic pickup design, the collection has two Chevrolet Apache 31s, which are a part of the Task Force Series of General Motors trucks. Introduced in the middle of the 1950s, luxury features like power-steering came within reach of many. General Motors' successor to this line of trucks sold under the C/K Series nameplate.

These straight body trucks are incredibly desirable and a body in as good a condition as this is a very rare thing. According to, an aggregator of classic car prices find that the average first-generation C/K series asks for $32,777. However, a built hot rod can ask as much as $60,000. Another legendary Chevy pickup hides in these Florida palm trees: a 1970s Cheyenne Super 10. A similar size to those older 1950s trucks but with the angular design of a modern pickup.

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The owner of this collection has a penchant for these larger utility vehicles. Parked under a car porch, an aluminum Winnebago in pristine condition harks back to the past. In better condition than the rest of the collection is a Bel Air in primer, a 1967 Le Mans without an interior, and a 1968 Camaro under a car cover. The collector actively works on these.

What Fords Hide Here?

Ford Torino with Drag pack
Kaplan America via YouTube

Just looking around the cars at the bottom of the grounds show that the owner is a Chevy man. But in the garage, all is not as it seems. Those in pristine condition are from General Motors' chief competition, Ford. Sitting out front, a '74 Ford F100 with a 390 Big Block is clearly in perfect shape.

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One more special car lives in the garage. A 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Jet Drag Pack. This model changed racing with 375 horsepower and 415 lb-ft of torque. Anyone could buy the drag pack Torino. In a way, it sat at the top of the Ford muscle ladder. The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon acts as a modern equivalent. In perfect condition, this Torino looks like it just left the factory. Lacking a front bumper the radiator and engine are clearly show ready.

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