Automotive YouTuber Shmee150 has plenty of experience with the world's most exclusive vehicles. This year is no exception as he is now back in Dubai looking at some of 2022's best hypercars. With travel restrictions in place, the enthusiast ended up on an American adventure where he indulged in a lime green Mustang. But with the world opening back up, Shmee is back traveling and bringing gearheads around the world content from some of the world's wealthiest pockets of the world. Now, the YouTuber is out shopping again and finds two Lamborghini Venenos and two Bugatti Divos.

Ferraris and McLarens seem normal when near these luxury hypercars.

What Does Shmee Drive?

Before heading off to the luxury dealership, VIP Motors, Shmee takes a moment to celebrate his reunion with his Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series. With a name that's quite the mouthful, it's the pinnacle of AMGs. Shmee is a long-time fan of the AMG GT. In previous years he owned the AMG GT R, another equally rare Mercedes. The Mercedes sat in storage since the finale of the Formula 1 season.

With an eye for the best, Shmee bought the Black Series. With 720 horsepower and a 0-60-mph time of 3.1 seconds, the grand tourer steps on the toes of most supercars. Produced in low numbers like the Porsche GT, products this ultra-rare car carries an insane price tag. Launching at just over $300,000, they were never cheap, to begin with. However, according to Dupont Registry, used values are double this with the least expensive coming in at $575,000. Ultra-low mileage examples ask for as much as $759,000.

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Shmee's example is in a color called Solar Beam Yellow. The black series has plenty of carbon fiber and the two shades combine to create a menacing presence. Taking things one step further is the obnoxious exhaust that lets the V8 motor breathe freely.

What Hypercars Sell In Dubai?

Bugatti Divo

Entering the showroom is a near-impossible feat for most enthusiasts. The sight of a hypercar makes most weak at the knees let alone four of them. Two Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters sit side by side with Bugatti Divos. One of the Bugattis sits beneath a car cover. Lamgorhini only made 9 Veneno Roadsters. With so few examples, prices will have risen—if you need to ask how much one of these costs, you probably can't afford it. Built on the same platform as the Aventador, the Veneno has the same 6.5-liter V12 engine but is more extreme in every way. Shmee refers to this car as the "Lamborghinist of Lamborghinis."

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Sitting to the flanks of these Lamborghini are the Divos. Sharing the same platform as the Chiron, the W16-powered ultra-luxury hypercar has more of a track focus than the older Chiron. With a dual-tone, black and blue exterior, the car is eye-catching, to say the least. When closer to the car the exposed carbon fiber is beautiful. The two-tone exterior continues inside the car with one blue seat and one black.

Shmee continues on a tour around the dealership. The Ferrari Enzo and McLaren Elva behind the star hypercars is no more than an afterthought. Vehicles that sit in the window like Ferrari 488s and the S Class sedans filling the bulk of the showroom's stock all seem somewhat mundane in the presence of these extreme motors.

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