Somehow the United States keeps turning up more and more stashes of awesome cars. For whatever reason, these cars now spend their days tucked away rusting. YouTuber Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classics found Chuck's Mopar Collection. According to the YouTube channel, this collection holds a Roadrunner, Satellite, Charger, and even a Chevelle.

The YouTuber himself owns a C2 Corvette that is in good condition. The car is in the correct color, meaning red. The car has a near spotless tan interior. An early C2 model, it has chrome bumpers, not the less attractive rubber bumpers. The C2 came with a range of engines including the 327, 396, and 427. Usually, such a well-maintained Corvette would star in an article of its own. However, a range of Chevrolet, Dodge, and Plymouth models is a much more interesting subject.

Hidden in Texas is a Camaro Z28, Road Runner, and Charger.

What Cars Are In The Collection?

Very few of these cars are in excellent condition, which is a shame. But when you gather a large collection, it's hard to stay on top of all their maintenance. The owner of the collection also has a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a 383. According to the owner, it is in pristine factory condition with all the trimmings including power steering. This particular car is not at the yard but instead is at a workshop receiving new paint. The YouTuber pushed the owner of the yard to find out if any of the cars are for sale, but none are currently. All of these vehicles, even though they aren't pristine are all his "babies." The wrecked Charger and Road Runners might come up for sale if the right price came the owner's way.

This collection has more than just the conventional classics of American automotive history. Dotted in a few different locations are more normal vehicles like an old body style Chevy pickup.

What Mopar Cars Are In This Collection?

Rusted Plymouth Road Runner rear
Heart of Texas Barn Finds and Classics via YouTube

Upon further inspection, the Road Runner is in dire condition. With blown-out tires, it rests on the bare ground. However, it does have an engine. The Road Runner was the entry-level muscle car within the brand. The range of engines included a 383, the most common and larger 426 and 440 motors that trod on the toes of the B-body cars. No longer present is much of the car's interior. Lacking seats, a dashboard, and door coverings, the car is open to the elements. However, much of this appears as rust-free, the complete opposite of the car's exterior. The rear of the car has flared arches. No matter what, the car needs plenty of work.

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In the collection is a Road Runner in better condition. This example is in a small disguise with the top of a 1969 Chevy Blazer, hiding the coupe body style. Instead from a distance, it looks like a station wagon. This car has a 318 engine underneath a 440 hood, which has a much larger intake to let the 440 motor breathe freely.

Another special car in this collection is the third-generation Dodge Charger. Introduced in 1971, the car met new regulations that the more iconic second-generation car simply could not. Available with everything from a 225 six-cylinder to a 440 V8, the Charger came in a wide range of specifications.

This particular example is in red with a tan contrasting roof. The interior is in a much better way than that of the Road Runner. The seats not only remain, but also so does most of the upholstery. Unfortunately for the Charger at some point, it took some damage. The left-hand side of the body has severe damage. This car is a write-off and is now only for parts. According to Classic, an aggregator of classic car prices, in roadworthy condition, this car would on average sell for $44,442

What Chevrolets Are In The Collection?

Rusted Chevy Pickup
Heart Of Texas Barn Finds and Classics via YouTube

In another section of the yard is a Chevy pickup truck. A complete rust bucket from the outside, there are signs it once had a scallop paint job. Just like the Charger, the example is now for parts with pieces like the steering wheel missing. The YouTuber points out that someone modified the cabin to now have a moon roof. Beside this truck sits an old Maverick and a Camaro Z28. From the third generation of Camaro, the pony car is without a production year. In production for a decade from 1982, the Chevy sticks out among the collection of 1970s muscle cars.

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One vehicle marked explicitly as not for sale is the Chevelle. A 1971 model year car it's from the second generation of the General Motors A-body derived car. This example is not an SS-branded car. However, with the model only in production for five years, it's still a very rare car. The 1971 cars received a mid-life facelift, with General Motors replacing the car's front fascia with a wider grill. Just opposite the Chevelle sits a Blazer pickup. Without a motor or hood, its best parts are now living another life as part of another gearhead's build.

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