Automotive YouTube is awash with cars that most will never afford. The latest Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and top-tier muscle cars are only affordable for the 1% or those of us willing to heavily finance a slice of automotive heaven. However, underrated cars from the 1990s are within reach for most of us. S chassis cars along with their more powerful stablemates appreciated beyond our budget a long time ago. The Chaser is within reach. A less usual JDM choice, few examples are floating around on the used market.

The sixth-generation model saw production between 1996 and 2001, combining the features of multiple Toyota models including engines from the rest of the company's legendary lineup.

The mid-size Chaser sedan is everything right with Toyota.

What is the Toyota Chaser?

Toyota's 1990s models are legends within the JDM space; the Supra, Celica, and MR2 form a holy trinity of automotive pleasure. Their non-sporting models often get forgotten. The Toyota Century is the brand's S-Class rival, with a strong fan base this ultra-luxury sedan receives the recognition it deserves. What doesn't is the Chaser, Toyota's mid-size sedan from this period. When YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue finally got his hands on the wheel, he pointed out some of the model's peculiar features. Primarily, the digital dashboard that looks like it came straight out of Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. The Chaser came primarily in two trim levels, Tourer and Avante. The latter offers a more luxurious specification and Adam LZ's car is one of these.

Adam LZ's chaser has had minor modifications. Comfort is still a priority as most of the car's more luxurious features are present. Unlike Adam LZ's other JDM cars that have had the rear seats and insulation removed in the name of weight saving, drifting and lap times. The ace up this Chaser's sleeve is the 2JZ engine. ThatDudeInBlue claims that the engine is pushing out over 600 horsepower and R154 manual transmission. Originally, Adam's car had an automatic transmission and a more mundane naturally-aspirated power unit. Under heavy acceleration, the car pulls fast and hard with an enormous induction howl. Adam rides shotgun with ThatDudeInBlue and at times his car takes him by surprise. He suggests that a 1JZ is a viable alternative power plant.

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In the same vein as the YouTuber's other JDM cars, the chaser has an impressive stance. With wide deep dish rims, an extended body kit, and an exposed intercooler. In true JDM fashion, the vehicle is right-hand drive. The car is using 235 tires at the rear. The car could run larger rubber but these tires let the car break free a little under acceleration which as a drifter Adam LZ surely wants to maintain in his.

Why Is Adam LZ's Chaser Special?

Recently, to house the YouTuber's ever-growing car collection, Adam LZ bought what he calls the compound. This property is an industrial estate that acts as a launchpad for his business, channel, and most importantly a garage for his cars. With some amazing vehicles like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Audi RS6, and Nissan 240SX he can now keep them all under one roof. A similar YouTuber, TJ Hunt, recently made a visit to the compound. TJ Hunt is the proud owner of everything from a Subaru BRZ, Audi R8 to a Nissan 350z that used to be Adam's.

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No stranger to fast cars, TJ Hunt got chucked into the back of his friend's Chaser's seat. This is with good reason, the Chaser is 200 lbs lighter than its contemporary chaser. According to TJ Hunt, the Chaser is "terrifying" through its power delivery. It's completely different from both Adam and TJ's other cars. TJ owns a 700-horsepower Supra with the same 2JZ engine. Back in 2021, the Supra went to the drag strip. With the tuned car speeding into the distance, it's clear it doesn't meet the insanity of Adam LZ's Chaser.

How Does The Chaser Compare To Other Sedans?

BMW M5 CS and Toyota Chaser
Adam LZ via YouTube

The super sedan segment is an incredibly competitive market. The modern entries include models from the likes of Kia, BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar. Heavy cars with large engines usually push out more than 500 horsepower. These cars are for those who can only have one and need it to do everything. A relaxing commute and put a smile across your face. In the 1990s, a tuned Chaser would come against the likes of the E36 M3 and Mercedes SL600. All with great tuning potential and lower curb weights because of reduced legislation.

Earlier in February, Adam LZ drew the comparison between his sedan and the latest BMW M5 CS. Capable of 60 mph in under 3 seconds as a result of a 4.4-liter V8 engine that produces 635 horsepower, it is the latest and greatest BMW. A cross-decade comparison seems a little pointless. However, with a list price of $142,000, the pinnacle of BMWs might not be worth it when the Chaser can put as large a smile on your face. Adam ultimately comes out in favor of neither car. Both have their merits, but in a surprising twist, the Chaser is allegedly far more comfortable with less aggressive seats.

BMW M3 2JZ Drifter 1
Watch A BMW M3 (E30) With A 1,300 HP Toyota 2JZ Drift And Hillclimb
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