About HotCars

Founded in 2018, HotCars is the go-to car site for enthusiasts to keep up to date on everything in the automotive industry. Today, we serve 10 million readers a month the latest car news, reviews, previews, and exclusives.

Our team of contributors are passionate gearheads who share a deep knowledge of car culture, industry, and automotive engineering with an approachable editorial style. The result? HotCars has something for every car enthusiast.

Our contributors and editors come from all walks of life, with diverse specialties, passions, and educational backgrounds. Nevertheless, we are connected by one thing: a passion for burning rubber!

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The Team

Anthony Abbondanza

Anthony's passion for cars first began at the age of 5 when he was gifted his first ever Hot Wheels toy car - a yellow Mercedes C230 Kompressor. When he's not running HotCars.com, Anthony can be found obsessively cleaning his 2019 Kia Stinger GT Limited.

Jared Solomon
Managing Editor

Jared Solomon is a top automotive journalist who has spent the last 12 years covering the Asian and European markets. Having worked as an editor for many leading publications across the world, Jared also offers his services as a consultant in new product development for auto makers. However, it's hardcore 4x4s and dirt bikes that really sets his heart racing.

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David Schmidt
Deputy Editor

HotCars News Editor and small business owner, David has been writing for the site since 2018 and can remember sitting on his father’s lap in the driver’s seat of his family’s two-door Ford Maverick thinking he was the one steering into the driveway.

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Magdan Cvitesic
Senior Editor

Magdan Daniel Cvitesic is a digital marketing enthusiast a complete car nut based in Zagreb, Croatia. After attaining a business degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, he honed his copywriting ability writing for software startups internationally. Now Magdan puts his passion to real use as a senior editor at HotCars.com.

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Andre Nalin
Senior Editor

Andre started out as a writer for various sites and is now an editor at HotCars. Writing seemed to be the next logical step after building magazine-featured cars and going on ridiculous road trips. Wanting to experience the roads most driving enthusiasts will only see on TV, he spent two months driving around Europe - practically living in a car that was better suited for sprints on the track than grand touring.

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Michael Van Runkle
Senior Staff Contributor / News & Features

Michael Van Runkle grew pickup with no first gear and currently struggles through LA traffic in a 2001 Audi TT 6-speed.

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