It isn't every day that people see a bright-green Chevrolet Dually with bold blue flames running along its side. However, it does exist. This custom Chevrolet Dually from the '90s has taken things a step further by dropping its body to be a low rider and adding some immense updates. The evidence is as plain as day on the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel, and here is everything to know about it.

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Owning The Dually Was Always A Dream

The owner of the custom 1992 Chevrolet Dually, David, is a regular guy from Lake Mary, Florida. David has always had a burning passion to have this ride in his collection. Ever since he was 19 years old, it has been his dream vehicle. David states, “what's not to love?”, which is pretty true. The Krew Kut, as David names the custom Dually, began as a normal crew cab model.

It was one of the very first body-drop Dually's on the market, where they cut out the floor and drop the body over the frame. What's crazy is that David made sure to keep an eye on its ownership over the years until it was his time to buy it. Luckily, the creation went live on eBay and after an hour of bidding, the custom crew cab Chevy Dually low rider was his.

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The Personal Upgrades On This Chevy

'90s Chevy Dually custom green
Via: YouTube

This Chevy Dually low rider is not the same as it once was. While David has gone about ensuring that it retains its '90s looks, the Krew Kut is fully up-to-date with hydraulics, a powerful engine, and an interior revamp. Even though the ride is over 20 years old now, David sees the low rider as a custom crew cab that is still way ahead of the game.

The Chevy Dually low rider has an iconic and timeless paint job with a custom 'House of Kolor' green with blue flames. Its exterior also features custom mirrors, a custom bumper, and a suicide door.

Inside, the custom low rider features a Katech Performance 496 LSX engine that makes the car weigh a whopping 3,100 lbs. This beauty coughs out 617 horsepower, which is all thanks to the combination of the 4L80E SS performance transmission.

Overall, the custom crew cab Chevy Dually low rider is totally iconic. It has an incredible story and seeing as it has had multiple updates, it certainly is something of the future.

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