Hot rods are most commonly a Ford, a Chevrolet, or a Volkswagen. Yet, this dyno'd Jeep hot rod is something unique and extraordinary. Cameron Lohrmann from the FuelTech USA YouTube channel showcases this insane hot rod Jeep Wrangler that can boast a whopping 1,200 horsepower. Cameron asks Brian Foreacre, “what is this thing, man?”, which is probably the exact thoughts of the viewer.

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Inside The Hot Rod

After answering the burning question, Brian shares that it is an open-wheel naked Jeep Wrangler that has been in use for various types of racing, so he has found a lot of use for it.

The inside of the hot rod Jeep Wrangler boasts nothing but sheer acceleration and power. It features a 550 electronic fuel injection system, a WB-02 Nano, smart coils, and input expanders, which are all from FuelTech. After powering the dyno'd hot rod up, the roar from its engine is something quite remarkable. It purrs and punches so eagerly, it sounds as if it wants to get out on the track to show off its new performance immediately.

The team throttles its accelerator to test its horsepower capabilities, and what they find is pretty phenomenal.

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The Power Is Insane On This Jeep

1200-HP Hot Rod fueltech
Via: YouTube

The first test of the Jeep Wrangler hot rod sees an output of 861.9 horsepower. Although this is outstanding, it isn't the maximum power that the team thinks the hot rod can offer. Therefore, the team put it to the test again.

FuelTech USA's team manages to reach the limitation of the clutch and gets a whopping 1,223.4 horsepower out of the dyno'd Jeep Wrangler hot rod. It even makes 27 tonnes of boost without turbo, which means that the hot rod is likely capable of much more with additional tweaks. Due to the clutch limitation, Cameron suggests to Brian that kitting out the Jeep Wrangler with a bigger clutch would enable him to achieve this immense horsepower for every race and ride.

Brian admits that the Jeep Wrangler was only street-legal for a short amount of time. It was only so long that they could keep it under the radar. So now, it is off of the road and in use for racing and having fun with.

Overall, this Jeep Wrangler hot rod is a wild ride and truly is a hot rod of every hot rod lover's dream.

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