Launched in 1988, the Buick Reatta is a grand tourer that was produced for three short years by Buick, a division of General Motors. It is quite shocking to know that the Reatta had such a short life on the market, especially as there is a lot to love about the awesome sport car.

From its unique design, futuristic technology (for its time), and its driving performance, there is so much benefit that a customer can get from a Buick Reatta. Although only 21,000 units were produced and sold over its lifetime, it sure would satisfy any classic sports car enthusiast who gets the chance to own one.

Here's what we love about the Buick Reatta.

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What We Love About The Buick Reatta: The Convertible Roof

Buick Reatta Convertible
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The Buick Reatta is available as a coupe as well as a convertible. Out of the two, it is quite obvious which we love the most. Having the option to have a convertible roof is quite unique and fun. Not every model on the market comes with the option of having the roof down. So, when it is available, customers are much more likely to snap it up.

Any lucky owner of the 1990 special edition Buick Reatta model might own one of the sixty-five white convertibles. This design boasts special emblems, a flame red interior with white bucket seats, white 16-inch wheels, and a cup holder.

The convertible did, in fact, not hit the market until 1990 as the team had a few design issues. However, when it did hit the market, it was kit out with a manually-operated top designed by ASC. The convertible roof was available in vinyl or cloth, with a glass rear window and an electric defroster.

Buick was able to add an automatic pull-down motor assist to the final 1991 models, which made putting the roof down much easier.

Buick's convertible roof didn't mean that the performance or specifications were changed. In fact, both models come with the same specifications and performance, and this probably also explains why the convertible is the best option.

Both models feature a 3.8-liter V6 engine that can offer a maximum output of 170 horsepower. The original Reattas offer a maximum horsepower of 165, but the later models are those upgraded to cough out 170 horsepower.

What We Love About The Buick Reatta: The Technology

Buick Reatta
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Notably, the Reatta's build makes it the first two-seater convertible that marketed since Buick's 1985 Riviera. For its production, it first went to the Reatta Craft Center where teams would fabricate the car at a series of stations, which is unlike the usual assembly method. From there, it would move on to robot stations.

Buick's Reatta was pretty special in the grand scheme of its lineup, especially in comparison to previous Buick designs. This is due to the fact that the Reatta features a touchscreen computer interface, which was on the market at the time as the Electronic Control Center (ECC). The touchscreen interface enables drivers to control the radio, climate, use Overspeed alarms, and much more, which was new to the automotive world at the time. While this feature has pretty much become the standard in modern-day cars, not every car owner had the pleasure of enjoying it back in the day.

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What We Love About The Buick Reatta: The Driving Experience

1990 Buick Reatta
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Knowing that the maximum power output of the Buick Reatta was 170 horsepower as at that time is pretty amazing. Even some modern-day sports cars do not offer such performance. Hence, the Buick Reatta was way ahead of its time.

The later production models were able to offer a little more than the first lineup that hit the market in 1988. The models produced in the 1990s were kitted out with L27 3800 engines and a 4T60-E transmission, which was in replacement of the LN3 and hydraulic 4T60 units.

More additions to the later models also include a brand-new ABS system, new 16-inch wheels, automatic headlamps, and a cup holder built into the armrest. These might not enhance the performance of the car, but they certainly enhance the overall driving experience, and such experience remains another reason to love the Buick Reatta. Not only did it offer great performance, but it also had the customer in mind through every step of its design. Although it was only in production for a short time, the improvements that the team did make throughout the years did indeed help to boost the comfort that the car has to offer.

Overall, there is a lot to love about the Buick Reatta; from its interior design and overall appearance to the sheer comfort and amazing experience on offer while driving the car. It was short-lived, but it remains a great addition to the Buick lineup.

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