Renderer carmstyledesign on Instagram has taken the high-performance Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and crafted a fantastic rendering of the supercar for his Instagram profile. The Aventador SVJ now has a widebody kit to help give the Italian thoroughbred a much bulkier and intimidating appearance. There are plenty of details to examine, ranging from the widebody kit itself to the dramatic paint scheme.

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Main Details Of The Widebody Kit

The entire exterior of the Aventador SVJ has gone through a huge refresh without deviating too much from the original styling of the car. Carmstyledesign states in the above YouTube video description that the SVJ is "One of the most beautiful supercars built by Lamborghini". Perhaps because of this, he has tried to keep as much of the original design language as possible. The front splitter has some pretty extreme styling, with aggressively sculptured fins helping to aid aerodynamic performance. Moving onto the side profile now, this shows the most dramatic changes to the SVJ, with a bright yellow wheel design of five spokes. Those side skirts look to have gained a bit of bulk, with the large fin just in front of the rear wheels now separately fitted, potentially also adding more aerodynamic performance to the SVJ. The rear wing is another prominent feature, in a glossy black color.

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Two-Tone Livery Accentuates The SVJ’s Lines

The lines of the Aventador SVJ are perfectly highlighted by the dramatic two-tone livery adorning the supercar. The vast majority of the car is in a striking and very bright neon-yellow color scheme. To give the car a two-tone appearance, the car’s roof, the frame around windows, rear wing, lower aero parts, front splitter with fins, side vents, and rear wing are all in black. This two-tone livery seems to have brought out some of the finer details of the Lamborghini, such as its vents and the detailing around the splitter. We can argue then that this piece of work has enhanced the design of the Aventador SVJ.

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Other Details On The Aventador's Rear

Aventador SVJ Widebody Rendering Rear Quarter View
via Instagram

Let's take a look at the rear of the SVJ, where we can see quite a dramatic change. One image perfectly shows off the new diffuser featured on this SVJ. It’s a very aggressive, jagged-looking design, with aero-fins on either side of the diffuser. This redesign at the rear of the SVJ feels much more prominent than on the original model and shows how good a two-tone color scheme can be.

Sources: Instagram, YouTube

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