The Hoonigan crew is of course well known for some of their epic drag racing videos on YouTube. Their latest series is This vs Plaid, where they bring in a variety of cars to take on a pretty much stock Tesla Model S Plaid. This time, it is the turn of Damon from Daily Driven Exotics to bring his 2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ with 780 hp to face off against the fearsome Model S Plaid.

Comparing Two Very Different Cars

These cars are very different from each other. The Tesla has 1,020 hp, a one-speed automatic transmission, is all-wheel drive and weighs in at 4,828 lbs. The Aventador meanwhile has 780 hp, a 7-speed single clutch transmission, weighs in at 3,600 lbs and is also all-wheel drive. Its power comes from a 6.5-liter V12 engine, the Tesla, of course, has three electric motors. The Plaid belongs to Jonathan Parzivand and is pretty much completely stock. The Aventador is insane, not a dragster, but a high performance road-going supercar. The Hoonigan team are virtually all on the side of the Plaid to take the win here, so this could get interesting.

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The Drag Racing Shootouts Begin

Plaid vs Aventador Drag Race One
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

The first race is a 1,500 ft head-to-head, to give the Lamborghini a chance to stretch its legs. In race one, Damon in the Aventador gets a better start, but the Model S Plaid roars past him to take a very, very impressive victory over the Lamborghini. Round two is very different, with this race now over 1,000 ft and the loser gets two cars and the hit, which should allow for at least a closer finish between the two cars.

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Tesla Pulls It Back To Win Another Race

Plaid vs Aventador Rear Drone Shot
via Hoonigan YouTube Channel

Damon gets his start almost perfect in the second race, and is oh so close to getting a win back on the Plaid. But despite that hit and two car lengths at the start, the Model S Plaid just roared up to the Aventador and won the race by just under a car length. But wait, there’s more! The Hoonigan guys line the cars up for a roll race from 70 mph to the 1,000 ft flag. But as you might expect, the Model S Plaid wins again to make it three out of three victories, although we probably all agree that the Aventador sounds way better than the Tesla.

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel

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