Alex Choi has posted a video on YouTube showing a car meet that he hosted for Tesla drivers. The event took place in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. During this gathering, one driver of a Tesla Model S drove their car at a high rate of speed while going uphill on a residential street. The car went airborne and came down crashing into parked cars and trash cans.

The driver and passengers abandoned the car and fled the scene. Police say the driver will face charges for a hit-and-run. There is a reward available with any information leading to the arrest of this individual. This incident shows why it is never a good idea to do stunt driving on public roads.

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This Happened At A Tesla Car Meet

Alex Choi hosted a car meet for Tesla owners, and he took video footage from the event. It begins by showing a shopping mall parking lot filled with nothing but Teslas. That in and of itself is nothing unusual since Teslas are quite common in Los Angeles. The car meet begins in rather ordinary fashion. The video shows Teslas lining up in front of charging stations, and then some of them go for a drive together.

But then Alex and others stop at an intersection on a quiet residential street, and things get very interesting. One black Tesla Model S drives up the street at a very high rate of speed while carrying passengers and even a cat. This car then goes airborne as it reaches the intersection. The Model S then comes crashing down and then barrels into some trash cans before hitting a parked SUV.

Everyone in the crashed Tesla fled the scene afterwards. They jumped into another Tesla that was videotaping the entire event. Alex Choi and others went over and observed the wreckage. Alex even picked up several parts from the wrecked Tesla, including a broken radiator.

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Tesla Driver Still At Large

Tesla Meet
Alex Choi via YouTube

The driver of this Tesla is still at large, but LAPD has identified them thanks to tips from witnesses. Authorities say the Tesla was a rental car. The driver is looking at some serious financial and legal consequences as a result.

This video shows why it is never a good idea to perform ridiculous stunts in a car on public roads. You not only put yourself at risk, but others as well. Also, causing an accident and then fleeing never works out well either. With all the cameras in use today, you may be able to run from an accident, but the police will eventually find you.

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